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A3 or A class?

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smerlin Tue 03-Oct-17 19:59:35

Audi A3 or Mercedes A class?

Any owners persuade me which one is better?

Currently have A1 which I love but need a bit more room (only a bit more as live in a city and need to be able to park!)

PlausibleSuit Mon 09-Oct-17 10:11:22

They're both pretty much of a muchness in my experience. We test drove both and went for an A3 (well, ours was an S3 but it's the same thing), but they were both nice cars and I'd have been happy with either. Audi finance/leasing deals tended to be better when we were looking.

If pushed I'd say that if you're used to Audi interiors, you might find the Merc a bit... glitzy. Other than that there was very little in it.

Test drive both... such a hardship! grin

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