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Which 7 seater can I get for my money?

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Littlemissindifferent Sat 22-Jul-17 10:10:00

So looking for a secondhand car which has 5 seats plus 2 for occasional use. I've currently got a Zafira but fancy a change.

I want an automatic, prefer petrol as worried about the diesel scrapage scheme.

Like the look of an SMax but I don't think I could get much for my budget - around £11,000.

Any recommendations?

ChoudeBruxelles Sat 22-Jul-17 10:11:50

Renault Megane. We had the five seat version and loved it. You can get 5+2 seats.

xyzandabc Sat 22-Jul-17 10:15:21

We loved the s-max but for our budget we got so much more for our money in our Toyota verso. Much younger model with significantly less mileage.

It's 8 yrs old now, we've had it 6 years and it's never shown any signs of being anything but reliable. Not the prettiest to look at but what 7 seater is? Also smaller than most other 7 seaters so easier to park.

SuperBeagle Sat 22-Jul-17 10:22:19

Kia's are brilliant cars. Inexpensive both to buy and to service; reliable; very safe (no safety recalls); 7 year warranty; full sized spare tyre (the only other make that does this is Hyundai) etc.

So I'd say the Kia Sorento.

Littlemissindifferent Sat 22-Jul-17 15:47:33

Thanks for replies, I've got 3 growing boys so need to also think about the width of seats and is diesel still ok to buy?

Have just looked at the Sorento and it seems can only get a 2010/11 with 50,000 miles for our budget so is a bit too old as will probably look to not change for up to 10 years.

The Verson is similar to the Zafira which may be an option but will have to check how wide the middle seat is. You're right with the value though as can get a 2013 with under 30,000 miles and like the reliability factor.

Sorry Bruxelles but not keen on the Renault.

JohnLapsleyParlabane Sat 22-Jul-17 15:50:46

Second the Verso. We have had 5 adults in the back comfortably

wheresthel1ght Sat 22-Jul-17 15:51:13

If you like the smax but it's out your budget look at the grand c4 picasso. I have just bought a 57 plate with 40k on the clock for 4.5k. Bloody love it!

Littlemissindifferent Sat 22-Jul-17 15:58:26

I'll take the boys and try the Verso for size.
The grand Picasso is a car I thought about but was a bit wary of a Citroen, not sure why though! Will try that too.

SloanePeterson Sat 22-Jul-17 16:00:36

We opted for a 7 seater C-max as we couldn't justify the extra for the s-max and it's been brilliant. We had two Renault grand scenics before which were total money pits

SheRaaarghPrincessOfPower Sat 22-Jul-17 16:00:42

You could get a Seat Alhambra for that, it's what I'm looking at getting next and there's loads of space in it. Bigger than a Touran, iirc

PlausibleSuit Sat 22-Jul-17 16:04:15

A client of mine is now on his second Verso, they really like them. Toyotas are - broadly - pretty reliable, I would say.

On Kia... if the Sorento doesn't suit there's a seven-seater Kia Carens; probably similar kind of size to a Zafira. They used to make a bigger one called Sedona but I think they stopped selling it here about five years ago, so even the most recent ones are starting to knock on a bit now. You might still find a 2012 one with the tail end of a seven year warranty.

I always think S-Maxes (S-Maxi?) are pricey because they are designed to look sporty. hmm The Ford Galaxy, however, doesn't have that association and is therefore sometimes cheaper. They're larger, too; sort of more upright and squarer. Not any longer than an S-Max I don't think. Having been in the back of many (Addison Lee) I can vouch for the comfort, even when filled with folk.

SueGeneris Sat 22-Jul-17 16:10:05

We have a Peugeot 5008. I was very wary of buying a Peugeot but actually it has been very good.

wheresthel1ght Sat 22-Jul-17 17:17:12

The c4 is brill a d the only one other than smax that has 3 full adult seats on middle bank.

We have had no issues at all. I have. 2ltr diesel vtr plus

BrieAndChilli Sat 22-Jul-17 17:23:00

Not sure whether you could get one in budget but we have a Nissan Xtrail 7 seater. I really like it. It is a new one though as is DHs company car. Nissan did so a 7 seater quashqai but have stopped those now But will be some knocking around 2nd hand.

starlingsintheslipstream Sat 22-Jul-17 17:28:35

It's the Qashqai +2 that is the old one. We've moved from a Zafira to that and have been quite impressed.

Littlemissindifferent Sun 23-Jul-17 12:14:53

Thanks all, have lots of options to look at now!

PaintingByNumbers Sun 23-Jul-17 12:19:23

Zafira tourers are good and quite cheap

rampage Sun 23-Jul-17 17:09:18

Just bought a Seat Alhambra, although we looked at a fair few others first.

You could get a lower spec Alhambra / VW Sharon for that money, although they are bigger.

Didn't really look at the S-Max.
The C-Max had 3" less distance between the outside ISOFIX point than the Alhambra.
The Grande C-Max had 1.5" less between the outside ISOFIX points than the C-Max, so you might not be able to fit three child seats in the middle row.

AliceMum09 Tue 01-Aug-17 00:18:59

If all three boys are still in child seats DON'T buy a Zafira Tourer - the middle seat in the middle row does not allow any form of child seat to be installed there. And one of the boot seats, can't remember which, may only be used for a person under 150cm tall (something to do with the position of the seatbelt that comes out of the roof for the middle seat in the middle row). Not really the family-friendly car it's made out to be!

I love our Peugeot 5008, we're on our second one now I love them so much, and my parents had a Toyota Verso until it was stolen last year! That was reliable, but it's the most compact of the '5+2' type cars and the boot seats are really not very spacious. They bought a VW Touran to replace it, which feels like it has a lot of legroom but the middle seat in the middle row is slightly narrower than the outer two (in my 5008 the seats are all the same width).

3boys3dogshelp Tue 01-Aug-17 00:22:58

I had a Toyota Verso and loved it. It had three proper seats across the middle row. I had it for years and really hammered it and it never went wrong. How sad am I that I miss a people carrier...😂

namechangedtoday15 Tue 01-Aug-17 00:33:16

The Kia Carens has 3 proper sesys in the back and 2 pop up seats that are very roomy too (Have often sat in them). Reliable and much cheaper than comparables. Have always had Japanese cars previously after 2 Renaults, never again and will buy another Carens when this one needs replacing I'm so impressed.

Stevensonx5 Sat 19-Aug-17 16:28:03

Has anyone replaced a Kia Sedona and found ANYTHING that comes close to it... ?You have had to have had one to answer this.. need to replace mine and cannot find anything. Very annoying that Sedona is still made but not for Europe...!!

PinkCrystal Sat 19-Aug-17 16:29:56

Fiat 500L MPW, Renault grand scenic, VW touran

Want2bSupermum Sat 19-Aug-17 16:32:23

The Volvo XC70 (their estate) is great with the two additional seats in the boot. They are great cars and you can buy one 7-9 years old that's fully loaded for a lot less than your budget.

Yes they are not the prettiest of cars but for functionality you can't go wrong.

samanthaterry1983 Wed 11-Oct-17 14:44:28

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