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Zafira warning light an error codes

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Witchend Fri 26-May-17 20:15:13

The emission warning light has come on (static) today on our 2011 Zafira.
I've done the code thing and it came up with 2 codes-1345E and 070405

I've tried googling, but can't seem to find any definite answers-although a few people suggesting on forums grin

It was MOT-ed exactly a week ago, and seems to be running fine-the only fault we've had at all with it was a couple of times last winter it cut out briefly as we started it up, but then started fine 5 minutes later.

I've texted our lovely chap who does the car, but I can't really expect him to drop everything on a bank holiday weekend, so I'd really appreciate it if anyone can tell me firstly what the faults are and secondly if the car is safe to drive as I'm going round the M25 on Tuesday and I'm not doing that with a dodgy car!


PipnJo Sat 27-May-17 08:23:08

We've had error codes pop up on my zafira, I think one was to do with battery and we replaced it and one time it was something i can't remember the name of! I'll ask DH for you!

Witchend Sat 27-May-17 09:27:32

Phoned the local garage and they said they couldn't answer without checking it, but can't see it for a week.
However they suggested I took the car a distance down the road and stopped it and phoned for breakdown cover who would be able to do it then and there. grin

I'm not sure I have enough cheek to do that really. grin

I love official advice!

Witchend Sun 28-May-17 15:51:58

Been checked. For anyone finding this thread with same error messages:
070405 is an old one so not relevant
1345E should be written as 0134 (5E) and is no power to a sensor at the front. Basically nothing wrong with the car (so safe to drive) but a sensor wasn't working. We suspect it was due to the heat, but once it had put the light up, it continues until reset. it's now been reset and hopefully will all be fine.

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