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Too short for an Audi?

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Koosh90 Mon 27-Mar-17 19:18:26

Starting my driving lessons soon (eeek!) and the car I've always loved and wanted has been the Audi A4.
However, I'm only 4'6" and while speaking to a friend who used to drive one, he said I'd be too short to drive an Audi safely and should go for a sedan instead.
I guess I kind of thought I could just pay for alterations and sit on a cushion if needed, but does anyone know if it would be impossible for me to drive one?
Feeling kind of deflated.

Pilotguy Mon 17-Apr-17 23:31:01

The A4 comes as a "sedan", saloon in the U.K. market as well as the estate version. Both have exactly the same seating position (fully adjustable) and steering wheel adjustment so I'd suggest you book a test drive to see if you are happy with it. For a slightly smaller Audi The A3 saloon is a good looking car, as is the A3 Sportback, so it's worth having a look at those.

Interiordespair Mon 17-Apr-17 23:34:36

You can have pedal extensions fitted to cars which will allow you to maintain a save driving position. Avoid cushions if you can because they will bring your chest closer to the steering wheel which is not good.

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