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What to replace Land Rover Defender with?

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Kahlua4me Sun 19-Mar-17 16:05:34

Hello. I hope someone can offer some guidance as we seem to be going round in circles!

We currently have a 110, truck version which we need to replace and no idea what will suit. Dh has rheumatoid arthritis and has deteriorated to point where he is now not able to drive the defender, it is too heavy to manage. The problem is that we all love the landy and really, really don't want to change, even though we all know we need to. I need to find something that he can love and enjoy driving without it being a burden.

Therefore we need an automatic, and hopefully one that will meet the following criteria-
1. Good off road ability, farms etc
2. Large boot capacity for camping
3. Comfortable inside for dc

If anyone could offer advice I would be forever grateful. grin

Pestilentialone Sun 19-Mar-17 16:08:07

Discos come as automatic.

lovelyupnorth Mon 20-Mar-17 12:38:46

any pick up - work with a team that use a hi-lux and its pretty awesome go anwhere - car like to drive seats five in comfort - we moved from a 130

finagler Mon 20-Mar-17 12:39:42

The new Nissan navara pick up is amazing

FiveGoMadInDorset Mon 20-Mar-17 12:42:55

I can swap you our Disco for your Defender, joking apart, we have an automatic discovery, good off roading, very comfortable to drive, regularly take it from Dorset to Northern Ireland, big boot space, turns into a 7 seater when needed

CMOTDibbler Mon 20-Mar-17 12:42:58

We had a Disco in automatic, and it was brilliant. I can only use one arm to drive, and it was easy to do so (obv I have a steering spinner knob).

namechange20050 Mon 20-Mar-17 12:46:55

You can get an automatic hilux.

youngestisapsycho Mon 20-Mar-17 12:48:52

We have a Nissan pathfinder which has a huge boot, or 7 seats and small boot space. DH really wanted a Defender but was out of our price range....

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