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Toyota Prius & Three car seats??

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Lemonysnicketts Thu 16-Mar-17 14:30:43

We entered a lease for a Toyota Prius (2012) model a few months ago after our car died and we decided leasing was the way forward. We have two DC aged nearly 4 and 5. We've had a big yet happy surprise and are welcoming a third, but it is a genuine surprise or we wouldn't have gone for the Prius.

I'm thinking we are going to struggle to get three car seats in the back? Two boosters, one maxi cost type rear facing seat. Has anyone any experience? And if it's possible, what seats? I've been googling like crazy but so many sites are talking about the now-illegal backless boosters.

And if it's not going to happen and three won't fit, what are the chances of Toyota agreeing to take the Prius back and lease us a larger vehicle without making us weep with enormous charges?

Thanks in advance!

wishcarry Thu 16-Mar-17 14:41:23

I have a Toyota yaris (smaller than prius?) And we can't fit three car seats in the back.if we are taking one of dd's friends somewhere I will have the baby one side of the back,I squeeze in the middle and put booster and friend next to me and dd goes in a booster in the front passenger.not ideal but doable.

wishcarry Thu 16-Mar-17 14:44:50

How long have you had your car?mine's 2014,I will have about a final £3000 to pay off at the end of the lease next month,but I'm selling the car and will pay the final amount off with the money from the sale.(borrow from inlaws and pay off before sale goes through then pay them back with money from sale.)

Lemonysnicketts Thu 16-Mar-17 14:45:54

The Yaris is much smaller, we had one briefly when the Prius had problems and it was far smaller. But even then, I can't see three seats in the back of our Prius....

Lemonysnicketts Thu 16-Mar-17 14:47:03

We've literally had it 6 months.

Lemonysnicketts Thu 16-Mar-17 14:48:00

We won't buy it, had always planned to hand it back.

wishcarry Thu 16-Mar-17 14:53:41

I'd phone the dealership and see what they say.they may let you off charges or lower them if you upgrade to a bigger Toyota.

Lemonysnicketts Thu 16-Mar-17 17:35:43

Ok, good plan. I'd like to think they would....I'm just thinking 3 in the back is ambitious (or impossible!) ....l

Rainmaker1 Fri 17-Mar-17 14:01:53

Depends entirely on what kind of agreement you have is it a lease or a PCP? Some leases will allow you to terminate early by paying the full amount outstanding minus a discount, something like 10%. With a PCP you could well be in quite a bit of negative equity so could cost you a few £k to get out of it and into another PCP. Friend of mine just did similar with a year old Nissan on a PCP, had to switch to an auto due to knee injury. Cost about £2k to get out of the negative equity.

Lemonysnicketts Wed 22-Mar-17 16:44:19

We really can't afford to pay any money to get out of it, so they'll be some awkward maneuvering for the next couple of years I think. We'd happily upgrade to a bigger Toyota but if they want a ton of cash upfront there's no chance. I think we'll have to suck it up, it's 90% my car anyway so can put my 5 year old up front in her booster much of the time.

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