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Vauxhall Zafira

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HubbleBubbles Sun 12-Mar-17 17:07:04

Looking for a used car for around £5000 .... keep seeing Vauxhall Zafiras for around that price We don't need a 7 seater as just 2dc but would fold them down and use the boot space - we need a really generous boot ! In fact that is our main criteria! Currently have a Picasso - has been a good car for us but now on its last legs sad
Zafiras don't seem to get great reviews online - anyone had one and thought it was ok??

SandunesAndRainclouds Sun 12-Mar-17 17:08:07

Mine was a nightmare. The back passenger door fell off its hinges shock

I wouldn't buy one. Too many potential issues.

Wishiwasmoiradingle2017 Sun 12-Mar-17 17:08:44

No. Just no.

HubbleBubbles Sun 12-Mar-17 17:09:29

God really?? Ok , thanks! Do you have any recommendations for a similar size car?

PointlessUsername Sun 12-Mar-17 17:09:51

I like ours. We do need the seats so rarely get to use the boot space but the boot is very big when the seats are down.

HarrietSchulenberg Sun 12-Mar-17 17:11:25

My friend is on her second one and loves them. Best to get a higher spec one.
Personally I prefer my Galaxy. I'm now on my third.

AndNoneForGretchenWieners Sun 12-Mar-17 17:11:54

We loved our Zafira. It was so roomy and comfy, and reliable. We only.have one child and he's a teen - we just wanted a huge boot.

WatchingFromTheWings Sun 12-Mar-17 17:13:17

I absolutely loved my zafira! The main drawbacks were the tax was high (£245 a year) and expensive on petrol. I think though the newer models are cheaper to tax. I do miss the boot space. I got rid as the engine was close to falling out and was going to cost well over £1k to fix.

Leggit Sun 12-Mar-17 17:13:40

VW Passat/skids superb will give you massive boot space and plenty leg room

Steer clear of the za-fire-a

MyKidsHaveTakenMySanity Sun 12-Mar-17 17:33:56

I love love LOVE my Zafira and the one we had before her. We have three kids and often find we're taking extra kids home for sleepovers and the like.
Zafiras are easy to drive and park, despite their size. I recently took two room size (foldable) carpets home in ours when the shop couldn't deliver for a few weeks. And that's with my hubby's waders and gold panning gear, three child car seats, a metal detector and the MIL in there too.

We've also taken a fridge freezer, washing machine and a microwave to the dump all at the same time. With the rear seats pushed forward it's like a massive van.

One piece of advice I was given when looking to buy one was to get a 1.8 or higher as a 1.6 can be slightly underpowered.

Mellifera Sun 12-Mar-17 17:40:02

We love our Zafira, it's 14 years old and we bought it new. I suspect it will be falling apart eventually and then we will get another new one.

We drove to Greece and back with it last summer, 4000 miles in 5 weeks.
I could do with an update of the interior though. Tape deck is not high end anymore...

HubbleBubbles Sun 12-Mar-17 18:01:13

MyKids 😄 That sounds exactly what we are looking for - a family van ! Not glamorous but hey! Thanks for the advice on the engine - think the two cars I was looking at had a different spec.

Thanks to the pp who suggested the Passat - I know that is a great car as my friend has one & the boot is spacious ... but not big enough for us sadly 🙈

I am on the look out for a Ford Galaxy also but can't find one for sale locally.

Any other opinions v welcome!

Leggit Sun 12-Mar-17 18:46:54

VW sharan. 7 full size individual seats. The nonsense of having to move a whole row to access the back seats in the Zafira is enough in itself to put me off (I realise the newer model has individual seats but it wouldnt be in the price range)

SandunesAndRainclouds Mon 13-Mar-17 12:57:17

We went from Zafira to Ford S-Max. We've had it 9 years now and it's still going strong - they really hold their value too so a good investment.

cars254 Mon 13-Mar-17 12:58:26

We've got one and can't fault it. Boot is massive we've got 3dcs 12, 3 and 2. 13yo is comfy in middle of the two car seats but most times prefers to sit in back on her phone!

shirleycartersaidso Mon 13-Mar-17 12:59:18

We've got one - hideously ugly thing but it does the job and never had any problems apart from the recall for the heaters. Two kids and a dog we had to go for practical!

cometseekers Mon 13-Mar-17 13:00:14

I absolutely loved my Vauxhall Zafira such a versatile car. Nice to drive comfy seats. Unfortunately it got written off sadly.

purplecollar Mon 13-Mar-17 13:02:51

We've got one. What I'd say is that there is quite a big piece of bodywork between the front windscreen and the side windows that can obscure a whole car from your vision coming down a slip road or on a roundabout. A blind spot that you have to remember to look round.

Ours has been called in three times to have the repair for the fire risk. I don't think they really know what causes it myself and it worries me.

Other than that - it's spacious, reliable. It's big but not a huge monster on the road, so easy enough to find parking. The boot is great for camping gear and on those rare occasions where you do need 7 seats, it's really useful.

EsmeWeatherwax Mon 13-Mar-17 13:03:08

Don't touch the 1.6 petrol, it's a nightmare. They're horrendous to fix because of the way the engine is built. Definitely go for a higher spec than life. It's a good car to drive, but if you can afford an s-max then it's a much better car. Lots more room, more practical seats, just a brilliant car.

HubbleBubbles Tue 14-Mar-17 07:12:05

Thanks all for your opinions smile Going to look at a 1.8 higher spec one tonight. It's petrol which is fine for us as it won't be doing a daily commute .
Thanks for the tip about the blind spot ... I think my Picasso is similar with the chunky body work between windscreen and passenger window.

MyKidsHaveTakenMySanity Tue 14-Mar-17 09:58:35

Oh yes, that's a good point about the blind spot. I drive constantly aware of it as I pulled out on a passing car at a T junction at the top of a hill once. Scared us both. Ever since I realised that it could be an issue I just drove accordingly. Doesn't hurt to lean slightly forward and check twice instead of once.

Chillidawg Tue 14-Mar-17 10:06:36

I have a 2001 model. She is the A type, rather than the B which is models a bit later and needs the modification following the news about the fires. She is the 1.6 petrol, and I find it quite economical.
She has failed her MOT this year - on a blocked washer and a couple of bulbs. She went to the main dealer this year as a special treat, and he said he had never seen a 51 plate in such good nick.
She's an absolute work horse, just keeps on trucking. I have a wheelchair winch in the boot so she frequently carries a 120kg electric wheelchair, and still doesn't hesitate. She has 107,000 miles on the clock.
I've probably just given her the kiss of death haven't I.

Chillidawg Tue 14-Mar-17 10:07:28

Actually, she's the 1.8 petrol automatic. And is the Comfort trim.

mowgelijeffs Tue 14-Mar-17 10:13:54

Vauxhalls don't have a reputation of being reliable!!
What about a VW Touran? That's the same sort of size and shape as a Zafira but more reliable (I would have thought)

Wishiwasmoiradingle2017 Tue 14-Mar-17 10:15:46

Renault grand scenic. . .

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