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Upgrade / change from Ford Focus for main family car

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arggghparanoidalready Mon 27-Feb-17 09:46:52

We currently have a 10 year old inherited Ford focus but am feeling the time has come for something newer. Size wise, we can't go much bigger as the south London estate we live on has very limited paralell parking outside each house. My shortlist is Audi A3, Skoda Rapid estate, VW Golf, Volvo v40 (country edition or whatever it is) or seat Leon. Budget wise up to £7k would be a guess. Travel wise we do mainly short urban trips with few longer ones up to 200 miles a few times a year although we are vaguely thinking of driving to the Alps next winter. Fuel / tax economy is important so guess diesels are out. Boot capacity needs to be at least as big as the focus as we go camping a couple of times a year. We have 2 children in kiddy guardian high back boosters which seem to be wider than others I've seen (the seats, not the kids!) & a car with a ski hatch would be a bonus. I realise this is a vague ask but all opinions on these sorts of cars welcome, thank you.

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