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Car suggestions for a tight @rse

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kitkat321 Fri 30-Dec-16 13:17:46

I hate spending money on cars - after years of owning 4x4's that always broke and spending thousands fixing them I grudge paying £££ for something that depreciates in value and starts costing you a fortune to fix.

We have our main family car - an Astra but also need a wee run around.

Current run around is a 55 plate 1 litre Picanto - which I LOVE! Totally reliable, only done 50k miles - half of which was done by me in the last 2 1/2 years. Never had any issues other than general wear and tear. Cost me less than £1500 2 1/2 years ago.

BUT it is getting on a bit, I can see bits of rust appearing so i would't be surprised if I need to replace it soon.

Other than age, the only real downside is that boot size - I have a 2 year old and a large dog and while realistically I'd always take the family car if I was going out with either of them, it doesn't always work like that so I'd like something with a bit more room but not too big as I do like the fact that that Picanto can fit in anywhere. It does also stick out like a sore thumb in our posh estate where everyone drivew Audi's but I don't care about that!

I've looked at the likes of the fiesta, kia i20 but they are so low in the back whereas the Picanto is really qutie tall and it's actually easier to get my 2 year old in the back of that than the Astra.

DH wants me to get something that is only a few years old but given I now only cover about 20 miles during the week commuting to the train station and maybe about 30 miles at the weekend with the odd 70 mile round trip to see my family once a month I don't really want to pay money to have something sitting in the drive way.

Any suggestions for cars to look at? I thought the Sandero looked ok - very basic but that's fine as long as it has the space I need and is reliable. Thought about the skoda fabia too maybe?

One thing I'd considered re the newer cars was maybe something like PCH for finance since you have mileage restrictions that I'm unlikely to go over.

I'd happy just pay a couple of grand cash for an older, slightly bigger car but DH is less keen.

Help please??

fabulousathome Mon 09-Jan-17 17:17:41

If you find a car at a dealers or online that you like, get the AA or RAC to inspect it for you (costs less than £200 for a thorough inspection) and can be arranged online.

If the dealer refuses to have the inspection done, walk away, they have something to hide. Likewise with a private seller.

Money well spent in my opinion on a £2000 car.

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