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What's the least environmentally-unfriendly de-icer?

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GoodyGoodyGumdrops Mon 05-Dec-16 07:31:52

Now that we're having heavy frosts, either run the engine for 5-10mins or use a de-icer spray. Which is worse? Is there a better alternative?

Floralnomad Mon 05-Dec-16 07:33:33

Just use a scraper

MackerelOfFact Mon 05-Dec-16 07:34:32

Good old fashioned ice scraper, or put car undercover (either a plastic cover or garage?)

MaryManchego Mon 05-Dec-16 07:42:11

Or tepid water. Not if it's very very cold though as it can freeze itself.

Engine running plus scraper here

IfartInYourGeneralDirection Mon 05-Dec-16 07:43:13

Matalan store card.
Lasts years.

Mummyreindeerlegz Mon 05-Dec-16 07:44:41

Shove an old bath towel over the front and back screens. Lift off in the morning and no frost. You'll just have to do the side windows.

Running the engine is likely to get your car stolen and very bad for the environment.

OneManBucket Mon 05-Dec-16 07:45:45

Lukewarm water poured over the ice does the trick. Just make sure you've got the car running and blower going or the water will refreeze if left too long.

INeedNewShoes Mon 05-Dec-16 07:49:50

All of the sprays are horrendous and I'm sure I heard someone on the radio last year from the AA or similar saying that deicer isn't the best method. It's quick but I think there was a negative to using it (apart from environmental).

Just use a scraper or avoid the ice settling using an old sheet or similar.

SoupDragon Mon 05-Dec-16 07:51:42

A scraper. I've found the sprays pretty crap really.

Putting the frost shields over windows is good too. It's a bit of a faff the night before but worth it.

endofthelinefinally Mon 05-Dec-16 07:52:37

Boil kettle.
Fill 2 hot water bottles. Place one on top of dashboard and one on the rear shelf.
Go back inside and use remaining water to make a cup of tea.
By the time you have drunk the tea the windscreen and rear window will be clear.

Bloopbleep Mon 05-Dec-16 07:52:59

I was told never to use water warm or cold.

Ice scraper for me.... and oh to do it ;)

PinkSwimGoggles Mon 05-Dec-16 07:55:38

tepid water.
or a piece of cardboard, binbag, towel over the front (and back!) screen.
and whatever you do, make sure you scrape mirrors and side windows as well.

malin100 Mon 05-Dec-16 07:55:43

Aside from an old towel, you can also use a flat piece of a cardboard box (tend to have lots from Christmas shopping deliveries this time of year) or in the pound shops you can sometimes get a thing that's like a thin plastic sheet that's larger than the size of a windscreen so tucks in to keep it in place overnight. The benefit of that one is it's more portable so whilst you might leave the big piece of cardboard on the driveway each day, you might take the £1 plastic sheet with you and use it everywhere. Anyway, that does the windscreen and just heat the back window and scrape the others when you've started the engine and heaters. Or get a Ford or Jaguar with a heated front windscreen too. ;)

Butterymuffin Mon 05-Dec-16 07:56:13

I use a jug of warm water, which has the advantage of being quick to do too. Make it the last thing you do before actually getting in and driving and it's not going to refreeze. DH uses a scraper. Both are environmentally friendly and cheap.

HairyKiri Mon 05-Dec-16 07:58:32

I've heard that cat litter in a pair of old tights placed on the dashboard stops any ice forming. A friend swears by this method but I've yet to try it as we don't have anybody cats!

Mrscog Mon 05-Dec-16 08:05:06

Another vote for tepid water here, its hot water you shouldn't use but tepid is fine.

Cel982 Mon 05-Dec-16 08:09:33

Fairly hot water poured over the windscreen. I don't know why people do anything else - it's quick, cheap, environmentally friendly and in ten years of wintry driving I've never had a crack in the glass.

GoodyGoodyGumdrops Mon 05-Dec-16 12:51:43

Thanks for these ideas.

Covering the windscreen is the obvious thing to do, but it's a Galaxy and I can't physically reach!

Scraper takes ages for the same reason, plus I can't actually do it all, and (tall) dh scratched it badly using the scraper.

I shall try the hot water bottle - I have a microwaveable one which would be perfect.

Poocatcherchampion Sat 14-Jan-17 20:48:43

Doesn't your galaxy have a heated front window so you only need to do the sides? I thought they all did!

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