Mini owners please help - warning lights

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MaryBerrysSoggyBottBott Fri 28-Oct-16 13:57:25

Bought a 08 Mini last week, I knew it was due a service when I bought it.
Took it for a long drive and the engine warning light came on, dealer said he'd put this right for me at his cost. The car has a 3 month warranty with it.
Another light has come on at the same time, the vehicle check light, in red, with an exclamation mark. Dealer seems to think this is just indicating a need for service, and he'd sort a service out, but I'd have to pay for this. However, from what I've researched online it looks like break pads and/or sensors. Should this be under warranty, or will I need to fork out for this, if so how much will it set me back? Photos attached. Anyone have an idea?

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