Fix brakes or get 'new' car

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jwpetal Thu 06-Oct-16 22:11:27

We currently have a 2007 Kia Sedona and every year we have to get new brakes. This year we need new pads and may need the drums. We are looking at £500 possibly. The choice is to get the brakes fixed or get another car.

It is not just because of the brakes, but the Kia is expensive for running costs. We don't think we will get much for the Kia due to body damage and the brakes if we don't fix.

We had a ford focus offered to us for £1700 (2006 with 53k miles.). 3 kids in car seats tightly fit into this. My husband wants to do this option, but I am concerned about the size of the car with 3 children. When I am with the kids, it will be okay as my older son could sit up front, but for the whole family it will be tight. Anyone else have a ford focus with 3 kids?

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