Tell me about the Ford Fiesta please....

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70isaLimitNotaTarget Sun 25-Sep-16 21:41:02

So, background is:
I have a Nissan Note which I really like but its starting to get all those things going wrong (like they do) and I will have to replace it in the future.
I'm put off another Note because I really want a bigger engine (its a 1.4) and the reviews on the 1.6 aren't inspiring me , don't want a diesel.

So I'm looking at cars as I walk along, (I'd thought Focus) but some of the fiestas seem to be similar sized.

I need:
Space for DH, DD and DS (who is 5'10" ) but 99% of the time its just me in the car. (DC are teens so no carseats). I drop them off on route to my work but they don't go in the car much TBH.
Decent sized boot (the Note has a pretty good boot size) for my work stuff but I don't need buggies/prams.

I have to park where I can when I'm at work so I'm drawn to a smallish hatchback.

I can apply for Salary Sacrifice to get a tax reduction. Ideally I'd buy a new/newish.
I want bigger engine (1.6) so I can do more on the motorway if I need to.
Some features like quick clear windscreen (Note is a blighter for misted windows)

Is it a goer d'you think? Or will my DS be sitting with his knees round his ears?

partystress Sun 25-Sep-16 21:53:46

I massively downsized to a 1 litre Ecoboost last year. Expected it to feel like a come down. Absolutely love it. Really great around town as it accelerates from stop brilliantly. £45 tank of petrol will last 400+ miles. DS is 6'4 and fits no trouble. Motorway driving fab too. Only negatives are that the boot is quite small - weekly shop fills it, so I have to remember to empty it before shopping. Uphill it feels slightly underpowered.

Ambroxide Mon 26-Sep-16 12:26:25

I have just bought a Fiesta (a 1.25 Zetec). I love it so far. My mum who is 5'9" and has long legs seems to be able to fit in the back OK.

AmyBecker Tue 27-Sep-16 15:55:46

I'd think so, I know they're around £10K bought brand new.

My friend's got a new version of one (Don't know which to be exact I'd have to ask sorry) and it has more space than you'd think for what it is I'd say.

Full price and option list here if it helps

If you're really worrying about space, I honestly wouldn't. Boot space is the only downside really.

BaronessBomburst Tue 27-Sep-16 16:03:15

We have a newish Fiesta and an ancient Focus. The boot in the Fiesta is pretty small so we have to use the Focus for holidays, and there's only three of us. I find it gutless too. All our previous Fiestas had Zetec engines. I can't overtake anything in this one.

ayeokthen Tue 27-Sep-16 16:06:44

Don't have any experience with Fiestas but we swear by Fords, several Focus models, now a newish Mondeo (for the boot space and backseat room). With Ford I think it's worth spending the extra for the titanium model, like the quick clear windscreen, automatic wipers etc. We've found they have great fuel economy too. I'm looking at a fiesta for the school/nursery run and it's by far the nicest/best value of its kind.

Ambroxide Tue 27-Sep-16 16:45:24

I have been on a long drive down to France with a small child and three suitcases in a ten year old Ford Ka so finding the boot space pretty roomy on the Fiesta tbh!

My Fiesta is a Zetec and I am finding it really nippy. It's a lovely drive.

KatoPotato Tue 27-Sep-16 17:05:19

Have to say the ecoboost engine is phenomenal! I have a bmax and am in love with it!

Thinkingblonde Mon 28-Nov-16 11:03:39

I had a Fiesta Ghia 1.4. 4 door hatchback. I loved it, although I wish I'd gone for the 1.6 as it was underpowered.
It had automatic wipers, self clearing windscreen, saved a fortune on de-over. I had the model before the current shape.
Easy to park, decent boot space. Good handling and really good in snow and ice. The winter of 2010 was really bad and my Fiesta and I gleefully drove past other vehicles, including 4 by 4's, stuck on the bank I have to negotiate to get home. It was the best car of its type I've driven in snow.
My DH is 6' 3" and DD is 6' tall. I am 5'3 and none of us had any problems driving it.
I would have another if I could.

Thinkingblonde Mon 28-Nov-16 11:07:10

Added to the above my Fiesta had a seat height adjustment as well as forwards and backwards.

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