cars that don't aggravate DCs' carsickness?

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unhingedbywork Fri 02-Sep-16 20:04:19

We need to get a new car for the first time in many years. Both DSs (6 & 8) are prone to carsickness and I'm wondering if we can minimise this with our choice of car.

I'm guessing a good view out will help, plenty of space in the back and also firm suspension (DF says this means avoiding French cars but I'm not sure how recent his experience is). Easy to drive smoothly. Other things though - do tinted windows (which seem very common) make things better or worse? Height off the road? A/C?

We don't need anything particularly huge - test drove a Fabia estate today and liked it, but wasn't convinced DS2 would be able to see enough out of the back.

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