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Finfab Tue 30-Aug-16 20:25:04

Anyone who has a 7 seater shed some light on how they use the seats I.e I will have twins who will use the isofix in the middle row of seats. I then will have two older children, either one in the middle and one at the back or both at the back.
My question is would I have to take the twins car seat and isofix base out everytime I needed to let either on of the older kids in the back out??
As I understand it the middle seat folds forward much like in a three door car and then it wouldn't work if there was a baby seat there???

lifesalongsong Tue 30-Aug-16 20:36:44

Won't the children in the back go in and out of the boot door? I wouldn't have thought they'd be using the middle doors

alloutofnameideas Tue 30-Aug-16 20:37:28

I used to put my twins in a side and a middle seat in the middle row if you get me. Then the other side seat can be folded down to gain access to the seats in the boot. Or lift the boot lid and the two older climb in through that way. I have to lift the boot lid to do seat belts most of the time as none of mine are old enough to do their own properly so I now have baby sat in the middle, a toddler twin either side of her and two older in the boot. I have had many different configurations. Went through a phase of twins being in the boot because it's easier to move a booster seat to flip a seat down to gain access. I've never used isofix though so that would probably complicate things for me. Don't know if any of that actually helps you though sorry

Finfab Tue 30-Aug-16 21:02:04

Thanks alloutofnameideas that does help,I did think people must have used the end and centre seat leaving the other end seat as access but this does mean not being able to use both isofix.
Not considered getting in and out of the boot, seems if you are paying so much for a 7 seater there should be an option to use both isofix and have easy access to each seat other than through the non conventional boot!!

OhFuds Tue 30-Aug-16 21:08:26

I bought a brand new Zafira, I thought I could use the middle for 2 car seats (one at the door, one in the middle seat) and that would allow the back to be accessed from the other side but I read in the manual that the middle seat was not to be used with a carseat!

I had to swap to a carseat at either side, my older child squeezes in the middle and another child uses the back seat but climbs in thru the boot.

alloutofnameideas Wed 31-Aug-16 08:46:38

No fin if you want one like that you need to start looking at super expensive minibus styles. The ford tourneo. I think the vw t5 may be like that. I've just gone back to a ford galaxy after 3 months of shopping around for one that ticks all my boxes and it's very easy.

AliceMum09 Sun 02-Oct-16 23:31:50

My car is a Peugeot 5008, and has three equal-width seats all with isofix in the middle row. If we need to use the boot seats I put two child seats in the middle row positioned behind the driver and in the middle, and leave the seat behind the passenger free to flip up and allow access to the very back of the car. I've never used isofix car seats, but you could have two isofix seats in the middle row and still have access to the boot seats. Only slight complication would be the presence of the underfloor storage box behind the driver's seat. This would restrict what type of isofix child seat you could use there.

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