Any views on Skoda Superb please?

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FiveStar Sun 31-Jul-16 21:35:01

Hi we are looking at buying a Skoda Superb (version with 4 wheel drive). Liked it on test drive (was 2015 Outdoor version), huge space even with 3 kids in back, smooth, nice to drive, quick to respond to accelerator/brake etc. Only issue was that I found the gear change clunky as if it locked into the middle section when I was doing a change and I had to pull it out again which after a 25 min test drive had made my arm sore. Raised this with the garage - salesman and my DH didn't have the same problem - DH not keen to buy a car that gave me a sore arm, but garage salesman was dismissive as if I was being a wimpy girl. Planning to look at other garages to see if it is only that particular car or all the Superbs that feel this on the gear box.

Drove a different one today (a Superb but not an Outdoor version) which had the same 'stuck in the middle' feeling when changing up from 1st to 2nd gear but seemed fine in higher gears. The 2 we have tried are all low mileage (under 10k) so maybe gear change would settle down/ feel looser with more use? Not sure - never had this issue driving other cars before even from brand new, and I'm not a fussy driver. Other than this, thought it was a fab car and a very good price.

Please send any views if you have experience of a Superb. Much appreciated, thanks in advance

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