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tattywelshie Thu 23-Jun-16 17:20:34

Hi guys smile First post here, so HELLO!

We are looking at changing the motor for the impending arrival of our first bean.

My wife is quite tall (5"11) and suffers from a bad back. We wanted a car that is quite high up so she doesn't have to bed over too much when installing the bean in the car.

We have around £3.5k to spend and were looking at a Golf Plus which seems to fit the bill.

Has anyone got one? If so, are they good? Also, tall people, what other cars do you recommend?

I can't comment on the Golf Plus, but our C-Max is a good tall car. Your budget will get you the generation before ours, so I couldn't specifically recommend it.

I'm not sure which generation it was, but some of the 1.6 diesels had a bad reputation.

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