Fiat 500

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Evie23052016 Tue 14-Jun-16 11:22:39

Any suggestions for a travel system that will fit in a fiat 500?

AmyBecker Tue 21-Jun-16 14:09:33

I know that Mothercare let you try a few out on your boot, probably the best bet.

Although I know my friend who drives a Fiat 500 has a Bugaboo Bee which fits fine her boot. Think you can get adapters for the the car seat that fit onto the pram without taking the seat off too. But I'm not sure which ones are best to get them from.

Evie23052016 Wed 22-Jun-16 18:46:43

Thanks for the info. I will call into mothercare.

ScienceRocks Wed 22-Jun-16 22:04:39

I had a fiat 500 and had a baby jogger city mini that fitted.

Rainshowers Wed 22-Jun-16 22:07:48

I could just about fit my icandy peach in my fiat 500 but think I had to take the wheels off so not something I would have wanted to do regularly. Try a couple out though-I often see people in town with little cars and pushchairs!

Evie23052016 Wed 22-Jun-16 22:41:56


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