RAC stranded us for 5 hrs with 3 young kids...& strung us along with false promises

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Imashenerd Thu 19-May-16 19:51:48

Called the RAC from a deserted business park at 17:10 last Sunday; recovery truck reached us at 21:40 (so 21:55 by the time the truck set-off with us and the car). 3 kids - a 12yr old and 6 yr-old twins were in tears, each of them more than once during the wait. RAC knew their ages and that we had no access to food, drinks or toilets. We were in the middle of a long journey: the kids had been on the road since 15:45 and the truck didn't get to our house until 23:30. Youngest son had hysterics when I got them into the house. If you think the service was bad, their behaviour was worse: over and over again we were given good news, but by the time the truck came it was obvious that none of it had been true - it was all just to get us off the line and stop us asking for more help.

So what did they tell us?
17:10: Someone will be with you in within 60 mins
18:20: Didn't you get an update? The waiting time is now 2-3 hrs.
<patrol car reached us 19:00; couldn't fix the car & couldn't recover that number of people over a 40-50 mile distance>
20:15 ish: Recovery Truck will be with you at 21:35
<we complained'; all 3 kids now crying>: I'm blocking all calls to my phone so I can work on trying to get you something better. I will call you back with an update, no matter what
< we waited 45 mins but no call back. So we rang again>
21:00 ish: We can't get you a truck until 21:40, but there's a note on your file saying we're going to get a taxi out to you. I'll call you back
21:25 (Voicemail):We'll be with you in 15 minutes
21:40 Truck arrives to take car + all of us. Husband and I are both furious: we feel we've been manipulated; they've used dishonest tactics just to shut us up. I phone the call centre again, to tell them how disgusted we are.

I'm not saying RAC always do this, and I'm not saying other recovery organisations wouldn't....but they clearly don't give a damn about this - it's been 4 days since our family had this horrendous experience, and even after my last - very forthright - phonecall, nobody from RAC has called us back. It's important we find some way to make them care or this will go on happening to other children. So I'm telling anyone who'll listen ....and cancelling our membership.

DoreenLethal Thu 19-May-16 19:55:08

Yes I was with the RAC and they never showed up. As I was in a dangerous position the Highways people ended up calling someone - the same people that the RAC call when they can't make it. I paid £300 for the recovery to home. I got the RAC to then re-recover me to the garage and when the highways people eventually sent me the receipt for the recovery cost, the RAC refunded it.

Useless. The highways people said it happens all the time with them. Never going with the RAC again.

decaman Thu 19-May-16 20:08:09

I had a very similar experience in Europe with Breakdown Assist. My car was recovered back to the UK about 4 weeks later. Similar lies & delays, but baking heat as well.

inarmsofanangel Tue 07-Jun-16 10:58:37

That's awful. I have a 'cheap rescue my car' breakdown cover and both times they have been there well within the hour. (I have 3 kids too so know what it's like sad)

BlueChampagne Fri 10-Jun-16 23:18:12

Vociferous complaints to head office and social media offensive?

Xmasbaby11 Fri 10-Jun-16 23:24:04

That's awful. Persist with the complaining.

Rac were actually very good to me. I broke down with 2 dc, 2 and 4, in the countryside but we got towed to pub car park. I really thought it would be a nightmare. They promised to be there within an hour and they were. It was winter and bad weatger and they kept phoning and apologising. The kids had a great time in the pub and loved the tow truck ride home. So in the end it was a lovely afternoon which they talked about for ages!

AmyBecker Thu 23-Jun-16 16:33:33

Social Media is the best way to get a response, facebook message and tweet them. You'll get a reply pretty quick!

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