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Twisted Seat Belt Safe? - VW Touran

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Chewy88 Thu 19-May-16 13:34:57

Just wanted to ask if anyone else gets a twisted seat belt when using the middle seat of their VW Touran, Sharan or Seat Alhambra.

We've just got a new Touran and when I came to put the car seat in the middle seat I noticed that it's impossible to put it in without twisting it. It's a two buckle type seat belt which comes down from the ceiling.

I thought it was unsafe to have a twist in the seat belt and also a big no no for fixing in car seats.

I took it back to the dealership and they said it's ok as the Touran in their showroom also had the same twisted seat belt. Emailed VW Customer Services and they said it's meant to be like that (even though the seat belts for the boot seats don't have it). There is a warning in the manual to say you shouldn't have a twisted seat belt, but VW said that's just for twists put in by the passenger or driver, not for twists that have been designed in.

Not sure what to do now. Should I just use the seat belt as it is (need to use it as I have 3 kids) even though I think it's not safe? Or is it not really an issue?

Saw a relative's Seat Alhambra (which is the VW Sharan under a different badge) with the same problem so just want to know if anyone else has the same issue and what they did about it.


BigGreenOlives Thu 19-May-16 13:36:30

Are you sure you are using the buckle & straps correctly? Try doing them the other way round.

Chewy88 Thu 19-May-16 14:50:52

You can't swap them around as the main buckle has been designed so that it doesn't fasten into the other socket. It can only go into one of them.

Misty9 Sat 21-May-16 13:02:42

Not sure about that, but we're about to buy a touran and I wondered how you're finding yours so far? What spec did you go for if you don't mind me asking? smile

Chewy88 Sat 21-May-16 14:59:28

The car has been great for space. Kids are comfy in the back and lots of room in the boot. It's not as nippy as our old Golf Plus, but then you don't expect that from a MPV.

We went for the 1.4 Petrol SEL as the Family model didn't do the engine size we wanted. We decided against the diesel as you have to top up with AdBlue every 4000 miles or so, so that the car can meet the emissions regulations.

RegLlamaOfBrixton Tue 24-May-16 08:17:29

We just got a Touran (just had DC3) and I have the same issue! Following.

Isisizzie Tue 14-Jun-16 22:02:39

When you unbuckle the one side as if your getting out is it flat, from the buckle up to the roof or is it still twisted? If it's flat then it's a natural twist which is safe to use. I can't quite wok it out from the picture.

Isisizzie Tue 14-Jun-16 22:04:04

Meant to say work it out.

Annelicappi Mon 13-Mar-17 12:56:17

Has anyone resolved this? I'm having the same issue. It wasn't noticeable when my son had a shield on his car seat as the run was long enough, but now he is in a highback booster it's really obvious. Again, I've been told 'it's fine they are all the same'. It is different from the rear seats though which run smoothly.

throwaway20004 Thu 06-Jul-17 19:43:38

I'm late to this thread but have the same problem, 66 plate Touran and the rear central seatbelt can't be used without twisting it.

I really don't think it's safe and after speaking with the dealer we've been told that we have to speak to VW directly as all Touran's come like that.

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