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Bertieboo1 Mon 16-May-16 07:57:10

We are planning to buy a second hand car (newish with low mileage) pretty soon. We have only ever had small cars - Corsa and Fiesta pre children. We now have a 2 year old and a baby.

We would like a medium sized family car with good boot space that is not too hard to park! We have looked at the Ford B max but we were disappointed with the small boot though we liked it otherwise. We can't really afford a C max. We have also thought about a Meriva or a Citroen Picasso C3. We are looking at 8-10 thousand absolute max budget but probably closer to the lower end.

What other models would you lovely people recommend? What else do we need to think about? Are the models above any good?


Majorlyscared1993 Mon 16-May-16 08:24:46

We have a 4 month old and another on the way, we have a Chevrolet Cruze. It's year 2010 and cost 4,000. It's a saloon so we manage to fit a double pram, a load of bags of washing for the laundrette , a basinette and 2 pram seats. The back is spacious which I like for getting baby in the car seat. It's a basic car but it's diesel and the fuel economy is fairly good. Also it's the racing version so it looks awesome.

Majorlyscared1993 Mon 16-May-16 08:25:19

I meant all that stuff fits in the boot by the way sorry!

Salene Mon 16-May-16 08:31:08

We have a Volvo V60 pretty much one of the safest cars you can buy so ideal for a family , it's got a decent boot size and is so comfy, good mpg around 50 on average, 30 a year to road tax

Highly recommend

This is what you can get for your budget

BikeRunSki Mon 16-May-16 09:05:30

Skoda Octavia estate (although may be a bit big). DH is on his third company car Octavia - every time the lease is up for renewal, he can't find anything better for the money. Even when they are 4 years old with 100K miles on, they look and feel brand new.

A budget of £8-10 thousand seems to be enough for a C-Max. Autotrader seems to have more than 500 C-Maxes in that price range? What am I missing? Does it have to be nearly new?

BlueChampagne Fri 10-Jun-16 23:11:40

Skoda Fabia estate?

alexandragimenez Fri 24-Jun-16 10:48:23

Weve got Mazda 6, its quite big so it can fit a lot

Pendu Fri 24-Jun-16 11:01:53

We have a Mitsubishi Outlander . I love it a lot . Good mpg , practical and 7 seats. If I had a bigger budget the next model up (we got 57 reg) has really super mpg , but it depends what you want it for I guess. I wanted some off road ability without losing efficiency.

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