Where to start with first car?

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AllTheDrama Wed 11-May-16 11:13:11

I'm coming up to taking my test so starting to look around at what car to get (but won't buy anything until I've passed) and so confused! All I want is something with at least 4 seats, that will be relatively cheap to insure, reasonably cheap to repair and reliable, and safe in a crash, but just feel overwhelmed by where to start.

Can spend up to £1400 but that would be absolutely top limit and would love an automatic if I could but only if that didn't sacrifice reliability/cost/insurance massively. I don't mind how powerful it is, the less the better imo. Insurance will be high as I'll just have passed but I'm well over 25 so hopefully that will help.

AmyBecker Tue 17-May-16 15:42:27

Good luck!

Have you got anything in mind so far? My first was the Corsa, lasted me a pretty long time and having only a few bumps repair costs were nothing major!

My instructor had a corsa when I learnt with him and he still has the same one today, so that pretty much answers your question really.. smile

Here's the list of options if you do look into one www.carkeys.co.uk/vauxhall/corsa/hatchback?76542rh

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