C max opinions?

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Helenluvsrob Sun 01-May-16 13:35:10


Currently driving n smax. Would keep it for ever if I know it was going to keep working. The only irritations ( that would stop me buying the exact same model again bar the price and not needing 7 seats) are the stupid sloping boot edge that means the shopping falls out of the car, the lack of a 6th gear and - irrelevant if only 5 seats - no where to stash the back shelf if all 7 seats up.

However ...since some idiot rear ended us 18 months ago it's had issues with the fuel pump / fuel supply - currently should be 100% fine after the last repair at Xmas but each time it's been weeks and I've had. Hire care etc.

So..... Thinking of downsizing to c max.

Need to carry 5 adults. Not often but in comfort and long distance if we do. Ds us over 6 foot.

Mostly town driving but when we go on holiday it could be very
Ing distance so comfortable and decent boot space again fir 5 adults.

What do you think of yours and what mileage / age ?


We mostly love ours. If you get one without the spare wheel you will still have a sloping boot, but you should be able to add the spare wheel in. Not sure middle rear seat or boot space will be adequate for 5 adults.

PrincessPlod Mon 23-May-16 20:03:09

This is my dream car. Plenty of room for the tribe although if I do ever get second child maybe s max would be better as I've got 2 step kids

romanrainsalot Mon 23-May-16 20:17:20

Had our C Max for 7 years, done 88,000 miles and its never let us down, even in snowstorms in the Cumbrian mountains! We bought it because it was the only one that the whopper of a pram would fit in without having to left the parcel shelf out. So boot space is fab - loads of shopping, runs to the tip, UK holidays.

We preferred it compared to equivalents e.g. Meriva/Zafira because whilst they had slightly bigger cabin space (which might be better for DS height), the boot space was rubbish compared to the C Max.

Worth going to a car supermarket to get in one and compare to equivalents. I can recommend a good one in the North - Fords of Winsford. They don't mither you or follow you round as you look. You can just go and ask for the keys to 3 cars at a time and have a look.

(no I don't work for them, but I have been there to do exactly that - weigh up sizes of cars and boots etc without being mithered by sales people). There might be other similar car places near where you are, I don't know.

member Mon 23-May-16 20:19:56

I,ve got a 62 plate cmax titanium X which has just under 17,500 miles on the clock. Because it's the titanium X, it,s well specced with leather seats/cruise control,glass roof etc and has decent performance. It,s brilliant for four of us and can take 5, however I'd be reluctant to be the person in the middle seat for any length of time as it is narrower than the two outer seats and you obviously have the raised bit of floor that the transmission runs through.

We replaced a focus with ours and there really isn't much difference dimensions-wise; we got a higher driving position and more bells and whistles but I,m dubious that it's suitable for 5 adults regularly

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