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lisbapalea Tue 12-Apr-16 14:30:16

I just got a part exchange guide on autotrader for my Honda Civic, of just £630!!

But when I search on Autotrader for a Honda Civic of the same age, mileage etc, it's around £3k.

Can anyone enlighten me as to why there's such a huge variation?

SimpleSimonThePieMan Thu 14-Apr-16 11:54:15

You do realise there's a big difference between part-ex and retail prices?

lisbapalea Thu 14-Apr-16 15:50:04

I probably don't realise that, no - can you explain why there is such a big difference? So I would be better off selling my car privately before buying a new one through a dealership rather than trying to roll it all up together?

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