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aygo-107-C1 3 door or 5 door

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chefslot Thu 31-Mar-16 23:37:21

I come to this forum a lot as you guys honestly offer the best advice. Now i've asked on a few man forums but 3 cylinders and under 2.0l is not heard off, let alone a baby seat.
You fantastic people must have had one of these cars, i was just wondering as a 3 door gives more door space where the 5 door is two cramped doors, how do you get on with putting the little one in the back. Got a megane atm and just need something a little smaller and with less gadgets.
I have my daughter once a week, and soon will be overnight, i understand the pushchair thing can be a problem, but i don't mind getting a bag and strapping it into the front passenger seat. Also thinking about getting a rucksack to go in to wooded areas to get her into nature. Sorry she's only just gone past 6 months but i want her to experience nature.

eatingforonemore Mon 11-Apr-16 13:30:35

I have a new C1 (one year old) I have a 5 door and fit my DDs Cybex Sirona rear facing in the back and I can fit my Uppababy vista or my Silvercross reflex in the boot.

chefslot Mon 11-Apr-16 15:55:36

Cheers, i think i am going to go with a yaris as higher ncap rating. ATB

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