if you are v tall and have rear facing car seats please come talk to me

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NotWithoutMyMerkin Sat 26-Mar-16 17:53:51

Husband (6'6) and I (5'11) expecting baby 2. We have DD1, who is 2 and will stay rear facing for as long as possible
Currently drive a Landrover 4. Her rear facing seat is behind the passenger seat. I have to have my (passenger) seat upright and very far forward to accommodate this, resulting in barely any leg room for me. My alternative is to sit behind my husband, with even less leg room as his seat is so far back.

Anyway there is no room for a second rear facing car seat behind him so we need to change car. I'm not keen on the idea of car seats in the third row of seats due to access and it being in a crumple zone - this may be unfounded.

We've looked at the skoda superb - yes good leg room but the seats are very short which I anticipate being painful for H and I over a distance with no support behind the knee. Looked at the XC-90 but still short on space. Considering a S-Max.

So if you're in this situation, what do you drive?

(Expect this to be met with much tumbleweed and yawning grin)

PennyHasNoSurname Sat 26-Mar-16 17:56:08

Could you try a Britax Two Way Elite seat? It actually has to brace against the seat infront so the passenger seat or drivers seat can be quite far back. My 6"2 dh sits infront of dss TWE seat fine not cramped at all, and we cant put it behind me drivi g as I am 5 2 and my seat is too far forward for it.

We drive a Focus.

NotWithoutMyMerkin Sat 26-Mar-16 17:58:10

penny will have a look at that, thanks. Didn't know about that

auberginefrog Sat 26-Mar-16 18:02:18

We have a maxi cosi 2 way seat that doesn't have a "foot" in the floor just a strap over the seat the car seat sits on so that might give you more space?

andadietcoke Sat 26-Mar-16 18:07:14

DH is 6'2 and we had twins in Maxi Cosi Pebbles in a VW Bora. The problem you described didn't even occur to us until 5 days after the DTs were born and he realised a car seat wouldn't fit behind him (I was neurotic in pregnancy and wouldn't let anyone open boxes!!).

We bought a Skoda Superb. Just asked DH about 'short seats' and he's never noticed and we've done a few trips from Manchester to Paris so not inconsiderable driving. He's just described it as a 'very comfortable motorway driving car'. We looked at other cars but it's got the biggest boot in its class (which we needed for two lots of baby crap) and the most leg room.

andadietcoke Sat 26-Mar-16 18:09:12

Oh and he's had two ACL repairs and really does suffer with knee problems and has never been in any discomfort.

Artandco Sat 26-Mar-16 18:11:17

There are lots of new rear facing seats that take up less room. If you take a look online at secureatot you can see a selection

NotWithoutMyMerkin Sat 26-Mar-16 18:38:44

It's less the leg that takes the room than the back of the seat - there also should be a gap between the car seat and the passenger seat I understand.

I will have a look at smaller seats but on the basis we want them to rear face as long as possible I'm not sure if that will limit the comfort or longevity of rear facing

The britax mentioned above seems to be a seatbelt fix and I'm very keen on isofix

Artandco Sat 26-Mar-16 18:39:51

Our seat says it should be back to the back of front seat, so no gap should be there

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