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Schwabischeweihnachtskanne Thu 24-Mar-16 10:39:54

Does anyone have a Kia Carens?

Is it reliable?

Is the 7 year warranty watertight?

Is it cheapish to run?

Can you get 3 booster seats across the back?

Is the boot decent if you have the rear seats (seats 6 and 7) and fold them down?

Are the 2 foldable rear seats decent or teeny?

Any alternative suggestions?

DH is keen and wants to order one from a discount source (new import) without seeing one "in the flesh" - we don't have a Kia dealer anywhere local though there is a VW dealer who services Kias, so that would be fine.

Have 3 kids of my own so proper 5 seater absolutely essential, but also fairly often ferry extra kids about (in return for a rough equivalent of returned favours) so 7 seats very useful.

My current car was, on balance, a mistake/ poor choice and I don't want to get railroaded into getting another dud just because (again) it is cheap for a 7 seater and (in this case) the warrenty is a massive incentive (have had very costly repair bills for my current 5 year old car, which is now costing €2k to get through MOT equivalent! shock )

I do about 20k kilometers a year, mostly short drives (unavoidable due to rural location miles from even a village shop, school or non-school bus bus stop, and 3 kids at 3 different schools with different after school commitments and buses running only straight after the main school day finishes, and in different clubs etc. etc) though also a very long drive of several hundred or a thousand km each way once or twice a year and quite a lot of 100-120 round trip km drives in the mix . This appears to have caused my current car to fall apart in 5 years of use! Do not want this happening again in such a short time!

Would really appreciate any feedback.

traceyed1 Thu 05-May-16 14:51:26

Hi we have the new shape carens petrol 2 spec and we love it. you can definitely fit 3 car seats across the middle seats. the back seats arent massive but big enough for children or small adults. the boot is a great size with seats folded flat. we havent had any issues with ours and its nearly 2 years old. lots of gadgets and storage space too. i would definitely have another Kia.

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