Alternative to an Alhambra?

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litt1estinkweasel Tue 16-Feb-16 19:00:28


After doing some serious lurking I can't find the answers I'm looking for so had to take the plunge and join. (This is my first post, please be nice to me!)

We are on the look out for a full 7 seater, we currently have 3 dc & if I can convince the husband we will be having 1 more. At the moment we've got a Zafira, which I detest for a vast variety of reasons but won't go into here.
After lots of googling, I thought I was set on an Alhambra but our budget dictates we'd be looking at a pre 2010 model, and they don't have the greatest safety ratings.

Is there a safer alternative? We need something that is large enough to fit 4 child seats + 2 adults. Mechanic has warned us away from anything French & due to a previous horrendous experience we would prefer not to have a ford. Aware that this does limit our options somewhat though, so may need to be flexible on that.

Apologies for the essay, big thanks in advance if anyone can recommend something. grin

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