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Qashqai for family of 5?

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rollonthesummer Mon 01-Feb-16 13:32:03

Does anyone have a normal Qashqai (not the +2) with 3 children? I was wondering what it's like for space? I only have one child still in a carseat (the others are now teens) and no buggy, but I'd need the boot to be able to fit a couple of suitcases for a holiday in.

The +2 seems rather too big and a bit outside budget as well.

Can anyone who has one, tell me what it's like for space?

Seeline Mon 01-Feb-16 13:36:31

We have one with and 11yo and a 14 yo. If we have a granny with us, DH can fit in the back too, but I'm not sure how comfy it would be for long journeys. Also all I can see in the rear view mirror is his face grin
Boot is OK - fitted 4 suitcases in when we went on holiday last year. Have had to invest in a bike rack though as they won't.
Still mourning the loss of my much-loved Scenic nearly 2 years ago - the Qashqai hasn't really matched up to it in anyway sad

TeaBreak1 Mon 01-Feb-16 13:38:50

I don't have a Qashqai but do have a Nissen Juke, which is a smaller suv than the Qashqai. I can fit 3 dc aged 4-9 in easiler, all still in carseats. The rear seat can be moved backwards and forwards like the front seats to make more boot space when needed. Hope that helps

CurlsLDN Mon 01-Feb-16 13:47:45

Sorry to derail, but we also have a juke. Teabreak - how do you move the rear seats backwards and forwards? Just had a look and can't see how!

TeaBreak1 Mon 01-Feb-16 14:02:04

Its was an upgraded option we have the top of the range model with the remote entry and stop start technology. Under the seat at the front/middle there is a black metal handle rectangular shaped, you pull the handle and seat slide forwards or backwards there are 4 place seating on the rail. There is also a smaller rectangular handle in the boot which serves the same purpose.

TeaBreak1 Mon 01-Feb-16 14:04:14

curls do you have the Nissan connect in your Juke? If so do you know how to turn the speed camera alert on? Thanks

rollonthesummer Mon 01-Feb-16 15:06:18

4 suitcases is impressive!! We wouldn't need a bike rack, so that's not necessary, but I do need to be able to use all 5 seats and put enough 'holiday' stuff in a boot!

Seeline Mon 01-Feb-16 15:10:06

Actually - the 4 cases might have been with the 'single' rear seat put flat, with the kids sitting on the two remaining. DH packs the car - I just drive it.
There is certainly room for two large ones.

Seeline Mon 01-Feb-16 15:10:52

My seats don't move backwards/forwards, but you can fold the rear ones easily, (there is a 2/1 split, or they can all go down).

CurlsLDN Tue 02-Feb-16 19:44:36

Teabreak - yes we have the bloody annoying speed Camera beep! You need the latest software upgrade on the computer thingummy, then it's in the normal settings. Ours got upgraded when we took the car to the garage due to a fault (radio stopped working) so if your computer hasn't been upgraded recently it may be that you don't have that function yet

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