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Help! 06 astra middle seatbelt jammed! What can I do???

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JoyceDivision Wed 20-Jan-16 21:40:25

Arghh!!! Dh is OK with minimal stuff eg changing headlights etc but works awful shifts so don't think he can sort this...

Stooopid middle seatbelt is stuck... I have about 1'' movement then it jams... I can put the seats down and can feel the seatbelt underneath and again about 1'' movement... It's the bit inside that's covered up where its jamming.

Fortunately I don't use it often but once in blue moon it is needed.... Just had to get three new three this month so this is last thing I need... Another garage bill!

SandunesAndRainclouds Wed 20-Jan-16 21:43:25

This happened to me once. I think I had to turn the engine on and brake to release the automatic lock.

I could be wrong though!

JoyceDivision Wed 20-Jan-16 22:09:51

Thanks... I have been gently tugging seatbelt but no luck! Will try it in morning...

SandunesAndRainclouds Thu 21-Jan-16 19:59:59

Any luck?

JoyceDivision Thu 21-Jan-16 21:07:02

Yes! Thanks for asking!

Nipped to the garage we use and straight away he went 'there's a quick fix that will hopefully work' dropped the seat forward... Then slammed it back... And it worked! He said they see it loads and that usually does the trick so it avoids more costs for people or cars failing more. I took some buns up to say thanks I was so relieved grin

So that is a useful tip I would like to pass on!

JoyceDivision Thu 21-Jan-16 21:07:49

Arghb i mean cars failing m o t not more

mudandmayhem01 Thu 21-Jan-16 21:11:10

Great service from your garage too.

SandunesAndRainclouds Thu 21-Jan-16 21:15:40

Glad it's sorted. And nice to hear a not getting ripped off report from the garage!

WMittens Thu 21-Jan-16 22:46:58

I was going to suggest hitting it with a hammer, but slamming the seat sounds healthier for it.

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