BMW x5 - 3 car seats?

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missboots Mon 18-Jan-16 13:22:33

I'm sure this has been done but I can't find anything recent or definitive!

I am about to have my 3rd child and looking at car options. Husband is adamant we're getting an X5 but I need a bit more reassurance that it will work. Ages of first 2 children will be 6 and 3.5 (but 3.5 year old is big enough and heavy enough to go in a booster). We currently have the oldest in a high backed booster - possibly a Graco but I'm not 100% at the moment. Something like that anyway. Ideally we'd put the 3.5 year old in one of those too, and then the baby has a maxi cosi pebble on a family fix base (and she'd go into the next one up the maxi cosi pearl). Any configuration is fine.

Has anyone got these seats in an X5, or any type of seats that fit 3 across - 2 x boosters and 1 x proper seat, either baby or toddler?

Thanks in advance for any advice!

missboots Wed 20-Jan-16 09:40:55


boscros1 Thu 28-Jan-16 20:22:25

Do u know the x5 can be a 7 seater? Not all of them are, the two back seats have to be added as an extra when bought brand new. But quite a lot of them are.

I don't think u will get those seats across the one seat. There are very little jeeps that actually fit 3 seats unless they are 7 seaters. I've been looking as I need the same (although mine will be 5, 2 and newborn) and 7 seater 4x4 seems to be the only way.

I'm going to try baby in front seat and see how that works, but thinking of getting an x5 if it doesn't.

AuditAngel Thu 28-Jan-16 20:30:33

A friend of mine used to be a nanny and bought an X5 because she could fit 3 seats in, but I don't remember the ages.....

MrBeagle Fri 15-Apr-16 14:41:24

Yes. We have 4.5yo, a 2yo and a new baby. You can get three proper car seats across the second row of the current-gen (F15) X5, provided none of them are isofixed into place (all belt mounted). I found it pretty much impossible to find this info online, so ended up spending a happy afternoon at a dealership trying all sorts of combinations.

We have a Maxi Cosi Rodi high backed booster in the middle, a CabrioFix on an Easibase on one side and an Axiss on the other side. Two Axiss seats either side of the Rodi also works. To make life easy, the Easibase is on the side next to the centre seat's buckle, so when you remove the Cabriofix from the base, the buckle is a doddle to undo. With an Axiss there (in the two-Axiss set up) it's more tricky, but ok provided the seat is rotated out. Needless to say, all the seats are completely solid/secure/safe.

In your scenario you should have no problems with an Easibase and two Rodis, given the Rodi is narrower than the Axiss.

If you insist on using isofix, however, the only option I know of is the new Q7, which fits three across comfortably, but drives like a massive barge.

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