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zafira's spontaneously bursting into flames

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lisabriggs72 Sun 03-Jan-16 08:48:59

hi i am new to this site but thought i would bring to light about the zafira b issue that is nationwide , the issue is that some zafira b models are spontaneously bursting into flames for no apparent reason there have been over 200 cases so far and a group on facebook has been set up for owners for advice and help the link is the members on there have started a petition to try and get vauxhall to hold a full investigation into the cause of the fires because at the minute they are just replacing certain parts which they think are the cause , but the members of the facebook group believe that vauxhall have not found the root cause and are trying to fob people off with the current fixes, so they are asking for everyone to sign the petition so they can get it before parliament to hopefull get vauxhall to fully investigate what the root cause is so please click on the following link and sign the petiton so we can get as many signatures as possible you do not need to own a zafira to sign this petition hopefully we can get lots of mums and dads to sign this you can even get friends and family to sign you just need a valid email address

the link is

please take the time to sign so we can get this issue highlighted as a zafira b owner i do not feel as confident about my car as i used to and cannot afford to change it at the minute

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