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Ford Galaxy just died, what to replace it with? Dacia??

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butteriesplease Wed 09-Dec-15 12:23:56

our Ford Galaxy just totally died. Unless the mechanic can find us a 2nd hand engine, we need a new car.

What could I replace it with? Budget is low, so looking at (very) used car. What about a Dacia (could go for newer as they are cheap it seems)? They seem pretty cheap in comparison to other brands, do they have a 5 seater? I can't work it out - is the Logan a 5-seater? We have 3 kids, so need three full seats in the back (kids 11y, 8yr and nearly 3yrs old).

Otherwise we will try and find another old ford galaxy. Vision is terrible, but we all fit...

Grief it's pretty stressful, car died big-style at a motorway interchange, luckily we were stationary at the time. Engine is eating oil, so it seems the turbo is bust, which is apparently too expensive to replace (given value of car, which is 12years old).

AmyBecker Fri 08-Jan-16 11:13:52

Sorry to hear about your Galaxy.

Dacia a good car to go for, they are pretty basic at their cheapest price. However you do get peace of mind of a new car (3 year warranty etc)

You can get a new Dacia Logan for just £6,995, it's the lowest trim but do the job you need.

We've written a review on it and and gave it 3.5 out of 5 which isn't bad.

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