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Mid size family car - VW Golf Bluemotion - great value as a used car

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antjrice Mon 30-Nov-15 15:29:38

I recently had the opportunity to drive a VW Golf 2.0l TDi Bluemotion so I decided to review it as an option as a used family car with some good results.

Please have a look at my review and let me know what you think:

AnonymousBird Mon 30-Nov-15 19:09:34

My connection is a bit slow, so can't load the clip, but this is the EXACT car I want to go and test drive this week to replace existing heap as our day to day family car. I will try and remember to look tomorrow (speed usually better in the morning).

Did you see a Mk7 one for £10k? How old was it (sorry, you probably say all this in your clip but I can't see it!). I was looking at 2014/15 models and they were quite a bit more than £10k but haven't looked that hard as yet as I wanted to test it first before getting seriously into the search.

antjrice Mon 30-Nov-15 23:35:47

Hi AB,

There are actually a lot of Mk7's available for the £10,000 mark however you'll find they are on the 50k miles plus side. The exact example I had would probably cost from £12-13k as it only had 20,000 on it.

I think 14/15 models might be a bit of a struggle at the 10k mark but the example in my video was 2013 and in quite fresh condition apart from the door card which had taken a few chips.

What's you target price?

WMittens Tue 01-Dec-15 00:14:08

If you were in a position that you could only have one car, you'd choose a diesel Golf? You mentioned earlier in the video that, space not an issue, you'd want something much sportier - with that in mind, why wouldn't you go for a Golf R? As near as damn it the same interior space, vastly better performance. Also along those lines (and in my mind, better) there's always the Mitsubishi Evo, Subaru Impreza (or the WRX STi), an Audi S3 or RS3.

Why not space and performance? C63 AMG estate, or an older E55 AMG for less money. A one-car option for space and sport is easily doable without surrendering to a boring diesel shopping car.

AnonymousBird Tue 01-Dec-15 09:41:24

I am after low mileage, less than a year old and less than 10k on the clock. I had set a budget of £14-15k and was originally looking at 1.6, but fancy a bit more bang for my buck, hence looking at 2 litre, though suspect prices for what I want may tip me over my budget.

Can you easily put roof rails on these cars? I am downsizing from an estate, which is too big for every day use now, but will occasionally need extra storage so thinking roof box if we want the smaller car is the only way we can do this. Roof box would only get used a handful of times a year.

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