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Need a 6/7/8 seater with good boot space - any suggestions?

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edwardcullensotherwoman Sun 01-Nov-15 23:20:19

We currently have a Picasso - great boot space - but expecting DC4 so need at least an extra seat!

6 seaters I know are few and far between, but all the 7 seaters I know of seem to compromise on boot space with the 2 additional seats in use.(And I don't like the idea of one of the kids siting right at the back on their own). Our family holidays are always in the UK so need the boot space for luggage/travel cots etc, plus when we're out and about after DC4 is born he/she and DC3 will be in a double buggy (not to mention the older ones wanting scooters/bikes/doll prams etc!)

I'm open to the idea of an 8 seater purely on the basis that they're generally larger vehicles. Neither me or DH are particularly bothered by the overall size ,we've had so many cars in the past we're pretty adaptable!

Can anyone suggest an MPV with boot space to rival the Picasso even with 6/7 passengers?

contortionist Sun 01-Nov-15 23:31:33

How about a 3+3 configuration? Fiat Multipla or Honda FRV are the only two I'm aware of. Both have pretty good luggage space.

AmyBecker Thu 05-Nov-15 11:50:05

Yeah I would definitely agree that the Fiat Multipla and Honda FRV are probably the best option, we thought they both offered the best space for the car when we had them in.

Cars like the Land Rover Discovery 7 are also good, but it all depends on the price range your going for.

Christobel51 Sun 28-May-17 20:05:48

We are soon to be six, with four under 7 so need enough seats plus boot space for a double pram. What did you go for in the end? Thanks

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