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Talk to me about the Skoda Yeti

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BusyCee Fri 30-Oct-15 12:01:20

Morning All. Just had DC3, so we need to change our car. We've been thinking about the Skoda Yeti, as it's supposed to fit x2 group 2 and x1 Group 2/3 child seats on the back seat. DH is a bit concerned about safety of the 3 seats in the back (remembers reading somewhere that it's a lower safety rating than some others

Anyone got one? Like it? Loathe it? Is it easy to drive and use?

Palomb Tue 03-Nov-15 14:06:31

Love mine smile easy to drive, piss easy to park, avg 55pmg, reclinable rear seats, gadgets galore.

AmyBecker Wed 04-Nov-15 10:52:23

I think it's a great car. We're doing a long-term test review for the next 6 months and so far, no problems.

It's not a bad drive and it's practical enough for us anyway.

By the way it is classed as a safe car it's just the likes of the X-Trail and Renegade go the one better when it comes to safety.

Hope this helps smile

BusyCee Thu 05-Nov-15 14:23:45

Brilliant - thanks. I've heard people who have them devotees...

Do you both get x3 car seats in the back?

MidLifeCrisis007 Mon 16-Nov-15 17:31:18

Oh hell, don't let my DH see this thread. He wants to replace my rather-passed-its-sell-by-date XC90 with a Yeti and I think they are ugly.

They might be brilliant cars but I'm worried about the stigma of driving a SKODA.

My DC3 and I spend about 90 minutes a day in the car together each day and we look out for Yetis. We never see one. I keep saying to DH that if they're as wonderful cars as he claims, why aren't there more of them?

Please can someone start a thread rubbishing them. Pretty please!!!

Palomb Tue 17-Nov-15 09:24:47

It isn't 1990 any more crisis. There is no stigma around driving a Skoda.. We'll certainly no more than driving a Volvoshock

Take one for a test drive.

MidLifeCrisis007 Tue 17-Nov-15 15:22:20

You're in cahoots with my DH aren't you Palomb?!?.... I know it, you're all ganging up on me and I shall be bullied into submission....

I think 1990 was when my brain was last active which is why I remember the stigma so vividly. The world may have moved on, but my grey matter has been drowned in sauvignon blanc over the last two and a half decades and I can't keep up with current trends.*

* That said i know the Yeti is the car of choice if you want to get a tattoo in the boot while driving across a bumpy field. I remember seeing it on Top Gear.

ValiantMouse Sun 22-Nov-15 01:21:55

There's no stigma about Skoda any more. They're bloody good cars that are generally practical and comfy.

NKFell Mon 14-Dec-15 15:38:39

Oooh totally too late but, I have one and love it!

It has 2 isofix and 1 high back in the back.

gingerdad Wed 30-Dec-15 21:27:31

I think the yeti is fantastic a mate has one had some great fun in the floods around dresmomd. Really capable car there also seem to be plenty on the road round here.

MidLifeCrisis007 Wed 30-Dec-15 21:50:00

By way of an update, we WILL be getting a Yeti in due course. The only variable now is colour.... think we'll go for white.

IMHO they aren't pretty but everything I've heard and read about them suggests they are top notch conveyances!

HarlettOScara Sat 02-Jan-16 17:49:52

Yeti is on our shortlist and we looked at them today. They are basically a VW Tiguan under the bodywork (engine, gearbox etc is the same). I'm also looking at the Volvo VC60 and V40 (among others like the Kia Sportage, Toyota RAV4, Ford Kuga and Nissan Qashqai). The Volvos are my front runner on everything but the cost...Yeti is so much more affordable but the ugliest of the bunch and I'm trading up from an ugly car so really want something a bit prettier. Haven't driven any of them yet though which will be the big decider.

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