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Van help!

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skankingpiglet Mon 26-Oct-15 13:10:31

I currently have a SWB transit which I love and would not be getting rid of if I had any choice... However I'm currently pregnant with DC2 and although I think I can probably just about manage to squeeze an infant carrier in the middle seat next to DD's car seat, there is no way two car seats will fit side by side. And that's assuming I never need to fit DH in at the same time, which does happen occasionally.
I'm thinking about getting a crewcab van, but don't know where to start. They aren't massively common, so I can't just mooch over to a few dealers to take a look at a few brands and decide what to go for. I need a van for work and can't afford to run two vehicles (not to mention no room to park two!). Most crewcabs seem to be smaller vehicles which is no good, I need to be able to fit a sheet of ply (or 10) in the back along with my tools.
Any ideas or recommendations? I have up to £8.5k to spend. I have looked for LWB transits (the only way to also get the room in the back), but there aren't many and they all seem really tatty despite the mileage being fairly low. Any other brands that would do the job, and are reliable workhorses?

lovelyupnorth Mon 09-Nov-15 12:17:38

LWB renault trafic/vauxhall vivaro may do the trick, other wise go up to the MWB ranault master. we run a fleet of renault vans and no issues with them at all

or other option convert your transit?

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