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Tricky Isofix in Yeti?

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LapinDeBois Thu 22-Oct-15 13:47:30

I'm thinking of buying a Skoda Yeti, and have just taken one for a test drive. I really liked the car, but when we tried to put the car seats into the Isofix points, we found it impossible (the ones on our Hyundai i30 are really easy). The salesman was there, so we didn't want to keep fiddling around, so it may be that there's just a knack to it; but I'd really like to hear from other owners before we make a decision! (The seats we were trying were high-back boosters.) Any other comments also welcome, especially re space in the back. It seemed like we'd be able to fit a high back plus two normal boosters in the back fairly easily - do owners agree?

BlueChampagne Sun 25-Oct-15 22:29:00

Have a Fabia not a Yeti, but find the Isofix on the narrow side, if that's any help. But once they're in, they're in.

AliceMum09 Tue 27-Oct-15 18:26:08

Car seats usually come with plastic guides that you can use to 'open up' the vehicle's seat so that it's easier to see the ISOFIX points. Have you still got these for your seats?

Here are some pictures so you know what I'm on about!

starsinyourpies Tue 27-Oct-15 19:55:09

Have used maxi cosi isofix in a yeti and it worked fine.

BlueChampagne Tue 03-Nov-15 14:02:27

Agree the plastic guides make things a lot easier.

Palomb Tue 03-Nov-15 14:03:44

I have never used the isofix fittings in my yeti but I just came on to tell you that they are bloody brilliant cars! Best car I've ever owned by a mile.

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