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Automatic family car - help please?

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wineoclockthanks Mon 22-Jun-15 18:21:11

We were very happy with our Honda Civic but it was written off in an accident last week (no-one was hurt luckily) so we are now looking for a replacement.

We are looking for another Civic but are open minded for any recommendations of a reliable, safe automatic car please?

Looking for a used low mileage for about £5,000 if anyone is selling one!

TheReluctantCountess Mon 22-Jun-15 22:54:29

We've got an automatic Ford Focus and we like it. I've seen them around for about £5k.

Flowerfae Sun 26-Jul-15 20:53:31

we've just got a second hand Kia Sorento, automatic diesal .... love it smile

MyCatHasStaff Sun 26-Jul-15 21:03:54

I've got an auto Ford Fusion, same foot print as a Fiesta, but more room inside (higher and a bit squarer). I really like it, very comfy and easy to drive.

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