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I want a teeny car VW UP Citroen C 1 type thing any opinions ?

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rumgy Thu 07-May-15 10:35:38

I want one of those teeny cars. 5 doors , low tax etc etc. Also my dd can drive in a couple of years so something to learn in.

Any opinions would be helpful

I am leaning toward the VW Up at present but I don't know why ......

ladybird69 Thu 07-May-15 10:50:42

I have an UP its great :-) very economical very nippy and also very roomy inside. Love it anything else you want to know about it just ask.

Oodear Thu 07-May-15 10:50:53

We have a vw up. I like it, don't love it like my old car but there's nothing not to like.
We have bluemotion and it's v cheap to run. Nippy, parks easy.

TheOriginalWinkly Thu 07-May-15 10:57:01

I have an Up. Good fuel economy, feels surprisingly spacious inside, handles well, easy to park, quite nippy for a car with a 1litre engine. I really like it.

member Thu 07-May-15 11:06:15

Don't buy French; they look nice & are generally priced well but are unreliable(yes I know that's a sweeping statement and that there'll be exceptions to the rule but it's generally true). They also use a lot of sealed units so that whole things have to be replaced rather than smaller, cheaper components.

Have you looked at Toyota?

rumgy Thu 07-May-15 11:17:54

What I want to know is if a Toyota or any other make is better value / quality etc.
I guess I like VWs due to the good reputation.

member Thu 07-May-15 11:22:35

The JD Power survey for 2014 put the Up! convincingly ahead of other City Cars based on owner feedback

WMittens Thu 07-May-15 12:29:14

The Seat Mii and Skoda Citigo are the same car with different badges.

These cars are too new to feature on the Reliability Index, but VAG cars have a reputation for reliability that doesn't reflect reality any more.

Japanese is a good call - Toyota Yaris, Honda Jazz are very high in the reliability stakes, although they're about 30-40cm longer than the Up and its derivatives.

I quite like the Fiat Panda, although I don't think Fiat are a byword for reliability either. I want to go offroading in a Panda 4x4. The TwinAir models are low tax (<100g/km).

LadyMacmuffintop Thu 07-May-15 12:34:25

We have 3 cars the smallest of which is the UP and I absolutely LOVE it - best of the lot! It's really such a great car! Brilliant on Fuel, can fit shopping & buggy (McClaren)in boot & we live in town so it's perfect as you can park it in tiny spaces!!

Fierceflora Thu 07-May-15 12:36:04

I have a c1, it's AMazing! I've never had any bother from it, it's 5 yrs old now. So cheap to run, petrol, tax etc. and surprisingly can fit a lot of stuff in its seemingly tiny boot. Ds1 will be learning to drive in it come sept

Motortrader Thu 07-May-15 13:38:17

Suzuki Alto or Splash, and the Fiat Panda can all be had nearly new for £6-7k.
Suzukis are superbly reliable and come with a 3yr guarantee. Worth a look if you have a dealer nearby.
Fiat are much better than their reputation suggests. The Panda is essentially the same as the 500, so very good to drive, but comes with 4 doors and without the silly retro styling for less money.

Millymollymama Thu 07-May-15 15:00:18

The Up has 5* on What Car but they say it has manual windows! Odd. They rate the Skoda Fabia as the best small car. Not sure of the price but probably competes with the Up.

HelenF350 Thu 07-May-15 15:57:16

I have a Hyundai i10, bigger than the up but it's a fantastic car, very reasonably priced, 5 doors and a 5 year warranty and roadside assistance are included.

OldBeanbagz Thu 07-May-15 15:59:33

My friend is very pleased with her Hyundai i10.

Charlieboo30 Thu 07-May-15 18:42:28

I have a Toyota Aygo. Love it! So easy to drive, fuel efficient and can park it anywhere. I have a 14 reg, my mum has a 60 reg and my nana has a 63 reg. All very happy with them and no problems.

I'm on a scheme where I can upgrade in three years or give it back. I'll be getting another Aygo!

Oodear Thu 07-May-15 18:45:39

I test drove an Aygo and felt the Up had more zest to it. Was quite disappointed as I changed from a yaris.
The skoda/seat versions of the Up both get good write ups iirc but didn't have the Eco thing I wanted

Ihavemyownname Thu 07-May-15 18:52:20

I have a skoda citigo which is pretty much the same as the VW up as has VW engine etc it was just cheaper because it has a skoda badge

Ihavemyownname Thu 07-May-15 18:55:47

you can get a eco model of the citigo

ladybird69 Thu 07-May-15 18:55:55

Millymolly my Up hasn't got manual windows.

WMittens Fri 08-May-15 12:32:56

Aygo, that's the one I was meaning, rather than the Yaris.

Velvet1973 Fri 08-May-15 15:33:20

I have a c1, had it for 2 years and it's a great car. It's nippy to drive, cheap to insure and zero tax. I'm selling mine as with lo now I'm having hubby's estate as we have a dog and pony too so not big enough sadly. Definitely will go back to one when lo no longer needs a buggy as dog probably won't be with us either by that stage. ��
I found it a really easy car but fun to drive and a doddle to park. Never had any reliability issues either. I had a Clio previously that I had for 5 years and did nearly 100,000 miles in. It broke down once when it was 10 days old because the battery was a faulty one but nothing other than that.
I had a VW Polo that went back to the dealer about 20 times in the first 6 months because of electrical faults.
The c1, Toyota Aygo and Peugot 106 are all the same car.

nottheOP Fri 08-May-15 15:39:50

We've got a Peugeot 108. It's a great little car, tiny engine but nippy enough and very cheap motoring.

We put nothing down as a deposit and pay £130 pcm for a brand new active model which has air conditioning, blue tooth etc

CatsAreLikeChocolates Fri 08-May-15 15:41:09

I've got a Seat Mii - basically an Up without the VW badge - and I love it. The fuel costs are teeny, the internal/external design is so much less drab than the Skoda or VW alternatives IMO and it's really nippy. I bought it at 1 year old as an ex-demonstrator with 500 miles on the clock for £7800. What a bargain! Can't rate it highly enough.

dottygamekeeper Fri 08-May-15 15:44:19

We have an UP - I love it, small, easy to park, nips along and has a surprising amount of space in the boot for shopping. DS1 learned to drive in in and it has been great - better spec than the Citigo and Mii which are otherwise the same cars.

Our Up has electric windows, bluetooth/Sat nav etc. I find it very spacious inside- high roof and lots of leg room in the front.

Babysbreath Sun 31-May-15 17:11:57

Can I ask which UP you have, as there is the Move Up and the High Up? As I am now leaning towards this car.


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