Car suitable for dog and golf clubs and trolleys

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mckenzie Tue 30-Dec-14 16:23:11

I am having to admit defeat. I have a Mini Countryman which I love but DS's golf trolley is now full size and flipping big and heavy and that plus his trolley me as I have to take out the parcel shelf and put a seat down.
Plus we now have a puppy who at the moment goes in a crate behind the passenger seat with me lifting him in and out but that's not going to work forever.
DD also plays golf and sometimes I might have two sets of clubs and trolleys in th car. And a dog!

Am I looking at an estate car being my only option do you think?

DH has an X5 and even that isn't going to work going forward as the dog will Never be able to jump up into the boot as its too high.
Plus the DCs can't get their own bags and trolleys in because of the height.

Sounds like it might be new cars all round.
One boring and practical (mine no doubt!) and one nicer.
Any thoughts or suggestions gratefully received.


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