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The cheapest reliable car that will seat 3 under 2.5? Help!

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Linguaphile Tue 16-Dec-14 12:13:01

We're having a baby next year and need a car that will seat 3 car seats in a row to accommodate two year old twins and a newborn (and later all the booster seats). What's the cheapest 7 seater we could go for that is reliable enough to take on road trips (we only really need a car for going to visit family and going on holiday)? Need a massive boot as well to house the double buggy. Ugh.

Ideas? The Renault grand scenic looked like it might be our best bet price-wise, but I've heard terrible things about Renault reliability... Is there a particular make/model that is better for this?

iwantaginsoakedXmas Tue 16-Dec-14 16:08:35

I love my Citroen Grand C4 Picasso.

Bought from new in 2009 - specifically as it had three full seats in the second row - (3 teenagers). The boot is huge - we can fit plenty in there.

Rarely use the extra 2 seats - suitable for children really. I have sat in there a few times if we are giving anyone else lifts - and it's okay but a bit tricky to scramble in and out (when you are in mid-forties.. fgrin.

Mine is the 1.6 HDI Exclusive. Quite economical and surprisingly powerful for its size. We use it mostly for family road t rips to france. V comfy cruiser.

I have heard a few slate the Picasso, but I have had no issue with this. I like the driving position - you get a good view of the road. For a large car it's easy enough to park too (short bonnet).

AliceMum09 Tue 16-Dec-14 22:48:05

Not sure about the cost, but the Toyota Verso (or older ones are called the Corolla Verso) can easily fit three cars seats and has two 'pop-up' seats in the boot. They would definitely be one of the most reliable cars you could buy.

Kerberos Tue 16-Dec-14 23:12:27

agree verso is a good option. Avoid the diesel d4d though as it has known engine problems.

weasle Tue 16-Dec-14 23:21:43

Ford smax very good. 3 proper seats in second row. Good boot.

SantasLittleMonkeyButler Tue 16-Dec-14 23:25:01

I would definitely not touch a Renault with a barge pole (from previous experience).

I would recommend a Galaxy for reliability and good sized seats - although you either have 7 seats or 5 seats and a good boot.

shivs1974 Tue 16-Dec-14 23:28:30

I loved my Renault Grand Scenic until it died on the M5, miles away from home...and we had no breakdown cover as I'd stupidly let it lapse.
Also liked myZafira until the engine management light kept on coming on & it would go to "limping home" mode on the motorway....
So two to avoid...

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