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Car advice please: DC 3 on the way, struggle on with existing car or get an MPV quickly?

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Morehastelessspeed Mon 03-Nov-14 19:56:12

DC 3 is due in March. Existing DC are 4 and nearly 3.

Current car is a VW Golf estate, and I have managed to get three car seats across the back...two five point harness boosters with backs and the maxi cosi cabrio fix. It is very tight and think it will be tricky getting baby in and out of the car.

The car is a company car, and is due for renewal in 12 months when we will almost certainly get a bigger car. It will cost money to come out of the contract early and get a new car now...would you just make do for 9 months with the VW or accept the cost and get and MPV as quickly as possible? Just wondering if anyone else has coped with 3 young kids in an estate rather than bigger car.

Thanks for any advice!

WMittens Tue 04-Nov-14 08:52:59

Does your company give you the option to swap your car earlier? Do they reassign the car to another car user?

If your circumstances mandate a bigger car hopefully they should be understanding enough to allow you to change it and reallocate the car to someone else for the remaining term.

Morehastelessspeed Tue 04-Nov-14 20:09:40

Thanks WMittens...they do but charge an early termination fee, added to which my trade up contributions have just finished for this vehicle, so I was about to have a year of no contributions before renewing. If I swap now, I will start paying a trade up again. At a rough estimate, swapping cars now will cost me £1500. It's whether the more convenient car is worth "losing" that money for

Anomaly Sun 09-Nov-14 09:56:02

For £1500 I would struggle for a bit. A bigger car might be nicer but while baby is rear facing and the other two harnessed its as easy a struggle as you'll get. We have an MPV and easily fit three across the back but doing the seatbelt on the booster is still a pita.

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