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We might be about to buy a Ford C Max. What have we missed?

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AnythingNotEverything Sat 01-Nov-14 21:00:32

As the title suggests really. We've seen a C max which is the right price and suits our needs, and online research hasn't thrown up anything else.

We have a teenager (who admittedly doesn't come far with is any more), an almost toddler in an ERF and due a baby next year.

We need to fit a Dualfix and a Cabriofix in the back, with room for either teen or DH in the middle. We tried our seats in one today, and there was room for an adult in the middle seat and I could get the driver's seat far enough back to drive comfortably.

We don't feel we need a 7 seater, and there'll be no more DC.

What else should we be looking at? Budget is 10-13k.


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