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Big boot

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Willabywallaby Fri 26-Sep-14 06:31:14

I had a car accident and wrote off my honda CRV. I would like a new car which fits my sons bike in the back without having to take off the wheel, so was thinking an estate.

But DH is swaying towards another 4x4, apparently the X3 has a big boot, and I do like being higher.

Any thoughts?


CantSleepWontSleep Fri 26-Sep-14 06:53:24

How old is your son, and is he an only child?

I love my Disco, but it is expensive to run.

BikeRunSki Fri 26-Sep-14 07:15:50

Skoda Ocatavia estate swallows up our DC's bikes. We have the 4x4 "lite" version (four wheel drive traction but body is not raised, not armour) although DH is pining for the full-off road Scout version for his next car. It is very good on fuel too (we have diesel).

Willabywallaby Fri 26-Sep-14 19:20:23

I have 2 boys one 6 and one nearly 9.

Disco probably bit too big and pricey.

sara11272 Fri 26-Sep-14 19:22:53

We wanted but couldn't afford a disco and instead got a Volvo XC90. Absolutely love it, it's huge and v high up. My three DCs' bikes fit in no problem.

Madamecastafiore Fri 26-Sep-14 19:24:07

We have a Q7 and have got bike and huge pushchair in there.

Willabywallaby Fri 26-Sep-14 20:15:05

The Volvo is a popular one on the school run, as is the Q7.

As much as I want the boot space they are huge confused

HettyD Fri 26-Sep-14 20:28:15

We have ford s max...huge boot!!

sara11272 Fri 26-Sep-14 20:34:33

We had an S Max previously so I second Hetty, the boot IS huge, a good car.

Before the Volvo we had a Touran which also fitted the bikes in, the boot is much bigger than you'd think though the car itself isn't huge, so might be more up your street, Wallaby? The downside is that it just wasn't very .....exciting.

Willabywallaby Sat 27-Sep-14 13:32:20

DH has now moved his thoughts to an x5! Currently driving behind an s max, I'm tempted.

But in a BMW now and I had one before Honda, I like the memory seat settings and other gadgets which I assume a ford wouldn't have.

Willabywallaby Mon 29-Sep-14 17:24:10

So after discussing with FIL and going round a few car places they think I should have a Hyundai Santa Fe. Any experience of one?

FIL thinks it's less plastickie than my Honda was.

Willabywallaby Thu 20-Nov-14 19:16:57

And we ended up with a Kia sorento, I'm really pleased with it.

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