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Will 4x4 help reducing my back pain ?

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Littlestar2012 Wed 23-Apr-14 11:00:51

Dear all,

Can someone help me here please .

I have a 17 months old toddler , he is quite heavy and sometimes can be naughty (refuse to settle in his car seat ) . I currently drive a Honda Civic sport version , the car is quite low in the back , every time when I try to put LO to his car seat , we ended up either knock his head on the ceiling or pulling my back muscle . I struggle with my back pain as I have to take him in and out of car at least 4 times a day .

I am thinking of changing to a higher car with bigger space horizontally therefore I don’t have to bend down to put him in the car seat anymore. Is 4 x 4 my only option that provides higher space? Can any 4 x 4 parents give me some advice , will this expensive 4 x 4 investment worth it ? Will this take my back pain issue away?

Also because we have grandparents come visit us quite often and they don’t drive , we are looking at a 7 seated car for our potentially growing family . Any recommendations? I am thinking of less than 3 Y old 2nd hand car within 15k budget.

Thanks in advance.

GrowlLikeMargeSimpson Sun 06-Jul-14 20:44:20

Can you try one of those car seats that swivel and see if that helps before changing car? You would still be bending but at least you wouldn't be crouched inside the car.

Purplecircle Sun 06-Jul-14 20:47:49

Something like a Ford C-Max would give you the headroom. They do a Grand C-Max which is 7 seats

2kidsintow Sun 06-Jul-14 20:51:45

Citroens sit higher. It was great for my back when I swapped to a citroen.

NatashaBee Sun 06-Jul-14 20:53:44

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Incapinka Sun 06-Jul-14 20:56:38

I could have written this post 3 years ago. I now have a Discovery 3 which is far easier to get kids in and out of. I am terrible with DHs car. It also has 7 seats but isn't cheap to run. I can justify it as I two cows and horses behind it... I did have a Volvo xc90 for about a month and that have me terrible back ache after a 40
Minute drive

Tabby1963 Sun 06-Jul-14 21:01:18

I think you're right. To just be able to lean in upright and pick up child rather than bending and leaning would make all the difference to you. Why not visit a car showroom and have a look at and try out what's available. You may not even need a 4x4 (although I love mine) because there are other types that are tall. Good luck.

fishybits Sun 06-Jul-14 21:02:22

I drive a 110 and whilst it was great when DD was very small, lifting her in and out as she gets heavier isn't ideal so if you don't need a 4 x 4 then as suggested above get a swivel seat.

Needadvice5 Sun 06-Jul-14 21:02:35

I've had lots of back pain after lifting a heavy patient at work and getting in and out of my Mini every day was agony.

I got a brand new Kia Sportage a couple of months ago and the difference is amazing.

No more stopping, best thing I ever did.

My dc are old enough to strap themselves in now so can't advise on that aspect!

QuizzicalCat Sun 06-Jul-14 21:06:12

My Mazda 5 is great for my bad back, it's very tall, low sills so you don't climb over anything to get in, you just step, sliding doors which are an absolute godsend with children and even though my dd has a high car seat (Maxi Cosi Tobi 2) I don't bend to put her in, and I'm 5' 7.

One thing with 4X4 - they generally have off road suspension which is harder than your normal car. This means that the ride can be a lot more jarring on the back.

We also have a Landrover Discovery. It's more of a faff putting toddler dd in that than in my car. I have to lift her higher, stretch further to strap her in and getting in and out is more of a clamber too. We have one because we need it for towing and dh is a Landy mechanic so it makes sense for us.

Unless you need a 4X4 for a 4X4 purpose there are a lot of other options that will be cheaper, easier, more suited to your needs and much cheaper to run than a 4X4.

GrowlLikeMargeSimpson Sun 06-Jul-14 21:11:11

Sorry, I didn't notice that this thread was from April when I responded, the OP has probably been driving around in her new car for months by now. grin It wasn't that far down the page so I assumed it was recent, I didn't realise that the car topic was such a sleepy backwater.

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