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Peugeot 406 has just died, need to replace for about £1000 *sob*

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calamityjane1 Thu 20-Mar-14 19:56:21

Just that, really! Any ideas would be gratefully appreciated grin

We have 3 DC – 5, 3 and teeny newborn.

We are looking for something that fits 3 car seats across the back (2 high back boosters and a maxi cosi cabriofix on a removable base).

Luckily we have another vehicle (a van) that we are able to sell, but this will fetch £1500 tops, if that.

I would go for a Multipla, but DH won't countenance it. I think they sound great and I find their funny looks kind of endearing, but looking at Honest John it does sound as if they can be a nightmare.

DH is also against anything by Citroen or Peugeot, which limits our options in this price bracket quite a lot. He's a pretty good mechanic and in his assessment, these engines will keep going for ever as the car falls to bits around them. Shame it's the gearbox that has gone on ours - anything else and he'd probably be able to do the work. Bummer.

WMittens Thu 20-Mar-14 21:37:55

but looking at Honest John it does sound as if they can be a nightmare.

Reading about any car's faults on the Internet and they sound like financial suicide; reality is usually much kinder.

calamityjane1 Fri 21-Mar-14 09:42:39

Very true... good point.

zumo Thu 27-Mar-14 11:44:46

Its easy another 406 or fix what you have
Ours has done 207,000 and still drives well and good on diesel.
What killed it?
Some times its better to fix what you have than chance anpther load of trouble

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