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Need a 2nd remote car key... any cheaper options than main dealer?

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forcookssake Fri 14-Mar-14 08:35:15

I've just bought a Citroen C2 small runaround, secondhand, in a private sale. It's brilliant.
But it only has one key - a snazzy key with buttons for operating the central locking on it. DP is keen to have a key each, not unreasonably.
My previous car had no such mod. cons. so I guess I'm a bit behind the times... Imagine my horror when the main dealership quoted me £120 for a second key (with working buttons).
I've also checked with Timpsons the key cutters, they could do me one, but it'd still be £55 AND NO BUTTONS shock.

Tell me, wise ones - is this just how much things cost? If I want a second (equivalent functioning) key, shall I just knuckle down and save up the £120? Or are there other (cheaper) ways? Aside from getting used to having one key to be passed between us hmm

WMittens Fri 14-Mar-14 13:48:30

Private sale, one key? What's happened to the other key? Have you done an HPI check to confirm it's not stolen?

If someone has the other key they could come take the car any time (although C2s aren't exactly big theft targets).

Anyway, it is possible to get Citroen keys with buttons from eBay and then get them coded (possibly by an independent garage). You might need a master key (which I'm guessing you don't have) in order to do that.

�120 isn't too bad for this sort of thing, I had to pay about the same for a Renault RCL key 8 or 9 years ago.

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