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do i cancel now?

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not2nitedarling Wed 12-Mar-14 15:08:16

car insurance was started with new insurance company 28.2.14. So within cancellation period. My car has broken down and the garage it was towed to has said to scrap it!! phoned insurance company to cancel and they said I owe £42 (cancellation fee + insurance period already used. If I keep with them and buy another cheap runaround in next few days it would cost £25 to change details. what do I do?

PigletJohn Wed 12-Mar-14 15:32:50

£25 is less than £42.

But if it takes you more than a couple of weeks, you will be paying for time you're not using.

not2nitedarling Sat 15-Mar-14 22:39:52

thanks, have cancelled as garage has taken it to scrap and it is no longer mine

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