Advice on positioning carseats and isofix - Toyota Verso

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hereorthere71 Fri 28-Feb-14 13:42:03

We have just bought our first car and have 3 children - 5 year old twins and a baby. It's a Toyota Verso and can fit 3 carseats in a row. ( I am not using the two fold up seats in back). The two outermost seats have isofix and the middle one a 3 point seatbelt. We will have two high backed boosters and an infant carrier ( Group 0)
I'm new to all this carseat/car business and need a bit of advice:

1) Positioning - what's the best way to arrange the 3 seats? Originally I was thinking to have baby seat in middle secured with seatbelt and the boosters on either side. However, as we are likely to leave the boosters in most of the time and remove the infant carrier more often I thought maybe the infant carrier behind the passenger seat on isofix and the two boosters next to each other. Outer one secured with isofix, middle one with seatbelt only. Is this arrangement unsafe or a bad idea for any reason?

2) Isofix - I don't understand isofix! Do I have to buy something special to use it? If so what? Even if we buy 'isofix seats' is there some sort of connector we need? We have a maxi-cosi pebble infant carrier - can this be secured with isofix? What extra bits would we need?

3) High backed boosters - we are yet to buy the high back boosters. Would need quite narrow ones, with isofix fittings and good safety reviews. Any recommendations?

Thanks for any help,

The first will depend on the seats and the car. You may find that the baby seat fits better in the middle if the bases are wider at the front or back. They'll also then get a great view of their two siblings which might be good entertainment wise! smile

To use isofix you need isofix points in your car. I'm not sure how to check for it but if it's a fairly recent car then it will probably have it. They are little clips right in the corner of the seat - you might have to remove a panel to see it. The pebble needs a base to be used with isofix, high backed boosters with isofix tend to just click in I think. But you still use the seatbelt to secure the child anyway in a HBB so it might be easier to just use belted ones.

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